Country Living UK inspired cabinet

Vacations for me mean stockpiling a bunch of new magazines.
Fashion, home decor, travel...whatever.  
It's a luxury for me.

Over spring break, we went to Bend, Oregon for a couple days and one of our favorite stops when we're there is the local Barnes and Noble.  
I spotted a Country Living UK magazine, and did the "preview flip through" and decided it was vacation worthy.

Since I was on vacation, I also popped into a few of my favorite antique stores, and was able to purchase this awesome pine corner cabinet.

While I was lounging and enjoying guilt free magazine reading, I came across a picture of a cute little English farmhouse.  
There was a partial photo of a very similar corner cabinet to the one I purchased!

I decided to try and recreate a similar look.

It started out like this:

 First, I mixed Miss Mustard Seed's Luckett's Green with a little Linen.  
About a 3:2 ratio.
It started to flake in certain spots, and once it was dry, I decided to scrape the chips away.  
One neat trick I learned in my week of projects with milk paint, is that some of the time, if the paint is chipping and flaking, you can just break out the Shop Vac and vacuum away the flakes without even scraping.  
Pretty nice discovery that saved me a lot of clean up!

Next, I mixed up French Enamel, because it looked closest to the blue that was in the photo.  

I have to tell you a little something here.   Blues have not been a great seller for me. 
Aquas, yes.  
Blues... not so much.

I love blue, but around these parts, you just don't have people in to it as much.
So, I know selling wise I'm taking a risk here with this makeover.

With that bit of trivia aside, I have to say I am totally over the moon in love with this color.
Especially painted over the Luckett's Green.  
Love, love, love.

It does have a rich aqua-ish tone to it, so we'll see if it wins over the Pacific NW buyer.

I did a dry brush application with the French Enamel, so more of the Luckett's Green would show through.  

This was the trick I learned with painting two colors that I missed with the side table I posted on Friday.

I know it's not an exact replica to the English farmhouse photo, but it's good enough for me!
I really love the look of this piece.

I think it would make a pretty linen cabinet in a bathroom, or in a room to store extra quilts and blankets.

I decided after painting this, that I am going to search for a pair of shutters to paint in this lovely color.  
I might even have a spot that I'm thinking of using them.
I just might.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

xo Denise

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  1. It looks just beautiful--I love it! I too am a lover of blue. I love aqua--but I also love powder blue. This looks perfect--love the distressing.

  2. It turned out amazing! i am a sucker for the turquoise but this blue is very pretty. It looks great with your wall color, too.


  3. I'm sitting here envying that pitcher with the blue flowers. Oh my goodness. I'm a nut for pitchers and love all blues!

  4. That is a very cool cabinet and I love the colors you mixed and the beautiful finish you achieved! It looks very much like your inspiration!


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