chippy milk paint and Cabbages and Roses

Happy Good Friday to you!!

It's amazing we are halfway into April.  
I don't know about you, but I am so ready for summer.  
Our calendar just took on a life form of it's own- we are jam packed with softball, end of school activities, and family events.  
It always seems to get crazier before the "relaxing days of summer" kick in, huh?

I have been trying to manage family life as well as prepare for an upcoming show.
The Farmhouse Show is in just a couple weeks, and I have been painting and getting lots of new product for it.

The last couple months I've been thinking about what I want my style to look like for my business (it's an ever evolving process, isn't it?) I've started to realize that what I love, and what seems to sell best for me are these two things:

I love soft fabrics that are pretty- whether it's linen or florals- and my hard pieces (furniture) to be more rustic.  I like the combo together.  I love Cabbages and Roses fabrics.  There's just a unique look to their floral prints that is unlike anything else I've found.  I had a hard time finding the recent stash that I purchased, so if any of you know of any good sources in the U.S. let me know!

It's how I tend to decorate my own home, and it creates a nice balance of hard and soft.

That said, I had an epiphany a couple weeks ago.  (or maybe more of a "duh" moment...)

I've been playing around with Miss Mustard Seed milk paint for about a year or so now.  
Every time I've painted something in it, it pretty much sells immediately.  
That goes for shows and my shop pieces.

I love variety, and I love playing with all kinds of mediums, so I haven't really stuck to just one brand.  

The Sunday after the Jane Austen Faire, I took in to Aunt Bee's a small black chest of drawers that I had painted in Typewriter- it was gone by the end of the day.
One day! 
With all the craziness of time leading into the show, I never got any great shots of it.  

Here's a so-so phone shot of it in my booth at Jane Austen Faire
(which reminds me, I still need to post some booth photos!!)

It was so cute.
It was after this sale, and the realization that 3 pieces I had in my space at Bella Hill- all painted in MMS paint- sold in one week.
Maybe I'm onto something here.

After Jane Austen, I purchased 3 packages of milk paint- 2 were colors I've used before and really liked, and one was a color I've been dying to try.
Eulalie's Sky.

The prettiest aqua blue color. 
I adore it.

I thought this one might really chip, but the finish only did a little bit.  
I love the way it distressed though!
This was roughly two-ish coats of Eulalie's Sky. 

I just think it works perfectly with the look I want to have for my products.
You can see in the above photos that this color works great with the beachy look - one that I also love- as well as a shabby chic color that looks great with more feminine colors.

I also got a great chippy finish on this side table that I finished this week.

This one was so fun.  I layered a couple colors on this one, and I can say that after a week of playing around with the paint, I think I have a better feel of how to get a two tone look to really come through.  This was attempt No. 1, and the two color look is pretty subtle.

The first layer is Luckett's Green that is about a 3:2 ratio of LG to Linen.  
A slightly lighter green version.

Once it was dry, I put a layer of Linen on top.  
It started flaking right away, and after scraping the paint with a metal scraper, I also sanded it a bit with my palm sander.  

I just love the finish.  
I had hoped to get a little more green to show through, but it does have a nice gray green undertone to the Linen.  

I painted a pretty big piece the day after this one (you can see a hint of it on Instagram) and figured out a better way to have a two color finish.
More on that soon.

Here's the before of the side table:

And after.
We'll see if history repeats itself.
It's such a fun paint to work with, and I love the results each time. 

I have several more projects I'll be revealing soon with milk paint.

And now, I'm off to do some sewing projects for the Farmhouse Show and my Etsy shop!
I'll be listing several Cabbages and Roses pillows this afternoon- lots of pinks and reds, as well as some blues.

Here's a photo of the cards that are going out for the show if you'd like more info.  
It's in a cool old church just outside of Salem, and there's plenty of parking!  
Easy access for loading all your treasures too.

For more info, visit the Aunt Bee's Facebook page.

Have a blessed Easter weekend!

xo Denise

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  1. My heart is in override. I love every piece. Although I have only one room in that style, it is my favorite. As much as my husband and I lay around, we can't use that kind of fabric in our living space. It just wouldn't hold up. I redid my kitchen a few years ago and I wish I had incorporated that into it Maybe I can add a few pieces to make it more rustic. I love your style and hope you do well.

  2. I've always loved the paint patina of MMS milk paint, but haven't tried it. that little stool is just sweet perfection!

  3. I can imagine the milk paint stuff sells fast--it has that "I've got a story to tell" look about it. I love that sky color--I have a stool I want to try it on. It looks gorgeous with that floral pillow!

  4. I have not used MMS milk paint yet but I can't wait to find a great piece of furniture so I can try it, I love the effect! I also love that pillow, the color is gorgeous!


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