Hey all.
Notice that I didn't say, Y'all.  I'm not from the South and I won't pretend to be.  

Sometimes I wonder on this lil ol' blog if you get me.

My weird sense of humor.
The quirks that make me, 'me'. 

Which is why I occasionally do an InstaFriday post.
I'd like to do them weekly, but sometimes I haven't been super active on Instagram over the course of a week, and so there's not much to share.
Mostly, I try and give sneak peeks on projects, or other pretty things going on around me. 
Sometimes I do personal stuff.
Anyway, this week I remembered to post it, and so I hope you enjoy.

A little bit of me this week:

Ok, I lied. 
 This one is actually from about a week and a half ago, but I'm sharing it anyway.

I'm not big on collecting 'stuff' just for the sake of more stuff. 
But I am allowing myself one.
I bought my first English riding hat this past fall, and just loved it.
This one here is number two.  
Which means I just started a collection.
I bought it on Etsy, and it is beautifully faded and from the 1940's.
Can't wait to find more!

I did a little behind the scenes shot at my mantel.  
It looks so professional doesn't it?

Every once in awhile I'll do a #tbt (throwback Thursday) post.
My parents passed on some old photos to me this past year, and I keep them in a big wooden bowl in our living room.  

This is me, about age 2, with my parents.
The 1970's fashion is groovy, isn't it?
I really love my dad's shoes, and one of my IG friends was in love with my mom's dress.

I was fussy in this picture.  
Probably because I didn't want to be all dressed up and taking a picture.  
I still feel that way sometimes. 

I saw this toothpaste at Target yesterday and hesitantly gave it a go.
I was worried it would taste like the gritty dentist version, but it was actually pretty awesome!!

I kinda can't wait to brush again!

There are 3 flavors - one was a Mojito-esque flavor, and the third was a vanilla mint.
I was pleasantly surprised, which is a good thing since it was $5 for the tube!
Have you tried any of these?

Kind of a quiet week for me on IG, but that's just how it is sometimes.
Want to join me?
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Have a great weekend! 
It's gorgeous and sunny today and I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts!!

xo Denise

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  1. i saw that toothpaste today on your insta feed and i want to try it!!! and i think the riding cap is so fun! i also love your mom's dress! :)


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