Junk Salvation 2014

We are done with our whirlwind weekend at Junk Salvation.  It is crazy how much time and prep goes into this show- at least on my part- and then it's over faster than I can believe.

Here's a photo recap of my space for this year.  
I brought my Nikon camera to shoot with, and in the end, the only photos I took were with my iPhone.  I was setting up until the last second, and taking quick photos before the doors opened.  
I wish I could have gotten some better ones, but it just didn't happen.

The photo above was the focal point of my booth.  It's hard to see in the photo, but I brought two mini chandy's that I showed 'before' on Instagram about a week ago.  

On the other side of the entry was this rusty wrought iron fence section.  
It went home with a lady who also bought an industrial spool that I added wheels to. 
 I never got any great photos showing the wheels, but you'll see it in the mix here.  

My little aqua beach vignette.  
Sold a lot of stuff in this photo- the dress is vintage Hawaiian.  
It came home with me, but I am planning to list it in my Etsy shop later today.  
It is so cute!  Hannah found that one for me this fall.

You might recognize the birdcage.  
It's the one I've had in our dining room for a long time.  
I'm finally letting go of it and putting something else in it's place.  

The primitive cabinet was one of my favorites!
  I washed it in an aqua color, and it went home with a girl who also bought a vintage metal medicine cabinet from me.  
And yes, that's the big spool I just mentioned.  
Wish I'd gotten an angle to show you the wheels.  

I've started buying vintage slips and dyeing them in fun colors.  
I made this garment rack last fall to take to shows.  
It's made from an old oil trolley (the kind you lay on and roll under a car) and some pipe. 
Pretty fun!

One item I really wanted to highlight on my blog last week were these gray and white chairs. 
 I ran out of time to give them their moment in the spotlight.  

 Actually, I had these at Junk Salvation last year!  
I brought them as a project piece, and priced them to sell as is, which they didn't.  
They are a beautiful mid-century Danish style chair.  
The construction was amazing- no nails, and all dowel construction.  

I picked out the fabric and had a friend upholster them for me.  
When I opened them up last year to reupholster, they were beyond my expertise.  
So they've been sitting in my garage all year.  

Susan did an amazing job covering these for me! 
I am so excited that they have a new home and a new lease on life.
A friend of mine bought them at the show.

The red industrial cart went home with a lady who has a shop in Bend, Oregon.  
She and her husband were pretty cute, and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her.  

I'm hoping we can make our way over there in a couple months and see her space.

Not a great shot of the Scandinavian style hutch, but you already got to see the pretty photos last week.

The little red primitive rocking horse was the first thing to sell.   
Always fun to see what goes first at each sale!  
I get a kick out of that aspect.

It was a fun and crazy weekend, and so nice to be around great neighbors.  
I enjoyed seeing several favorite bloggers and having some time to chat with them this year,  and meeting readers and making some new acquaintances.

Thank you so much to everyone who came!
It was a great show and seemed to be busier than last year.

Now that this show is all done, I am so excited to get my house back in order.  
Christmas decorations came down, but then all the junk came in to get priced and primped.  I haven't felt like things have been in a normal state for awhile, and I'm anxious to get that done now.  

This week is all about getting my booth spaces filled back up, finishing up our home office makeover, and cleaning and organizing. 
(what most of you probably spent doing in January, and I'm just now getting to…)

My next show will be in April here in Salem- The Jane Austen Faire.  
I'm looking forward to that one too.

Have a great week!  
I'll be back soon with a room reveal!

xo Denise

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  1. Your photos are just fine. I enjoyed looking at your wares and your setup. I love the open bin (mail sorter?). You had a great selection. To bad I'm down in Houston, TX. :)

  2. Denise,
    You had a very charming booth and it sounds like you sold a lot...CONGRATS! I just signed up to do a show in Oct...this will be my first one in years. It's the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Barn Show in Franklin, TN....Kim and David have two amazing show guests coming.


  3. I wish we had something like this in Georgia. This looks like so much fun and every booth was absolutely adorable and reflected the personality and love of each vendor. That's what I like. I love seeing all the different styles and design.

  4. Wow, your space looks amazing! Love your clever garment rack...love it all. I always wonder what will be the first thing to sell, kinda fun to wonder, then there's the thing that was touched the most times. I wish I could haul around the "big stuff" but I have to limit myself to what I can fit in my truck.

  5. I wanted to go to this show so bad...just couldn't swing it with all that we had going on! Your booth is fabulous and fun to see the photo's...hope it was a success! xoxo, tracie

  6. Your booth was so cute! I'm glad it was a big success!

  7. Thanks for the pics of the show, your booth looked great! Glad it went well. I would have been more than happy to take that birdcage off your hands:)

  8. Your booth looked great! I can't even imagine the work that goes into putting together a booth like yours. I am thinking it is a labor of love though. Always looks like it would be fun. I thought the show was awesome this year--it gets better every year :)

  9. Oh wow, your booth is just simply awesome! I see some stuff that I would buy for sure. I enjoyed this post and your pictures. Great job!!

  10. Denise!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this blog. You have such a talent for putting together the most beautiful vignettes...not to mention your many other talents, as well! Any chance you'll be in Southern California on March 1st? We're moving into an antique store that weekend and I would so love to have you design our vignettes! :-)


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