Scandinavian style hutch

This is one of my all time favorite pieces!  
I fell in love with this hutch when I spotted it at one of my favorite places for furniture.  
I really didn't have room to bring it home, so I told myself I would have to be ok leaving it- and if I came back when I had room to store it, then it was meant to be.  
Lucky me!

I don't have any before photos, but the finish was a really dark 1970's stain. 
Normally I don't like the big chunky hardware that goes with these pieces, but it actually made the piece even better for me.
Unfortunately, it was missing one set on the lower cabinet.  
I have a couple options, but they haven't arrived yet, so that's why the base is still unfinished.

I painted the exterior in Annie Sloan's French Linen.  
I did a light distressing on all the edges.

The interior is in Louis Blue.  I like the icy pop of color inside.

I need to see if I can do a little patch job on the inside…

I love all the curvy details on this one.  
I also thought it would make a great storage piece in a living area!
I'm taking this to Junk Salvation this weekend.  It's been nice to enjoy it for a bit while it's been worked on.  I'll be sad to say goodbye but hopefully it will go to a good home.

I'm off to wrap up loose ends for the weekend.  Hoping to post another project before set up, but we'll see how on the ball I am.

xo Denise
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  1. Good looking makeover...french linen is one of my favorite colors.


  2. What a beauty! I have never seen one like this. Wow! Love the paint color. Yes, I paint everything!

  3. Oh- That is such a pretty piece. I, too, like the chunky hardware on this piece. The inside is a great surprise and I LOVE that French linen color- xo Diana

  4. Your hutch turned out great I like the colors you went with.

  5. I can see why you fell in love with it. It's so sweet, I love all the curves and details.

  6. It's very sweet, and I love the blue inside!

  7. Beautiful hutch! Your going to miss it :(


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