Project wish list for 2014

Last year, I knew exactly what I wanted to work on around the house.
I had several bigger projects that I was chomping at the bit to get going on.

This year, it seems like there's lots of little projects.
It feels more like one of those 'maintenance' years- trying to stay on top of repairs and keeping the house up!

Anyway, I try to keep our wish list realistic with our time and budget needs.

My list for 2014:

1. Vintage beach home office refresh.

I have been craving some changes in our home office over the last year.

Over the last few months, I've painted, gotten rid of the formal desks, painted the shelf tower, replaced the desk chair, and added in some organization pieces.  I hope to reveal everything in the near future.
I may do a mini sneak peek post soon.

2. Outdoor arbor

You've probably seen this photo on Pinterest- I have been in love the look of this salvage arbor ever since I saw it!

(BTW, I either lost this pin on one of my boards, or it disappeared!? I repinned it this morning, but I promise I've had it for awhile ;)  )

 source unknown

Last spring I found matching doors, and what was even better was that the owner said I could take them for free!

We ran out of time last summer to do this project but it's at the top of my outdoor to do list this year.

3. Craftsman style shutters for upper exterior window

I'd love some simple plank style shutters with metal strapping details.

via Hooks & Lattice
Something similar to this look here.

4. Studio organization-

Oy. It's so bad in there!
I finally made this a somewhat functional room a few years ago (back in 2011!), but because the tiny closet is still used as long term storage and a wrapping paper closet, there's still a lot of disorganization in here.

It's been awhile since I last showed you or updated my studio, but hopefully I can purge some things and figure out how to make it more functional and less of a dumping pit.
It's funny to see this photo and realize how much has already changed!

5. Mini chandelier for master bath

via Pinterest- Cote de Texas
I found a mini chandy recently at a thrift shop. It's copper- not so pretty, but I planned to paint it and put it in one of my booths.
But it's so cute, I think I'll finally get my pretty light over our bathtub!

Ours isn't even as big as this one, but our tub and window are similar to this photo.
(although I'd much rather have the beautiful wood trim on the front like this, than the tile we currently have!)

I've also been saving some crystals that I bought this summer at an antique store that was going out of business, so I can add a few to the chandelier as well.

6. Vintage bed crown for master bedroom
Via Pinterest - source unknown
I'm ready for some mini updates in our bedroom, and recently bought a vintage piece from one of my friends / fellow vendors at Aunt Bee's House.  
I'm not going to say what it is right now, but I'm excited to use something out of the ordinary to create a pretty and romantic bed crown for our beachy bedroom.  I think it will be really cool if it works.  Hopefully it won't turn into a a DIY fail.  ;)

Here's how it looks in there currently:

There are several other little projects I'd like to update around the house… so I'll try and share them as they get done.

I'm anxious to get started on some of these projects, but I am neck deep in getting ready for Junk Salvation, so progress is slow going.
I did buy some pretty ombre curtains this week for the home office project, so that's something!

Thanks for letting me share my little annual to do list!  It's still crazy to me that we've been here almost 6 years!
That's a record for us!

Happy New Year!

xo Denise

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  1. Sounds like a good start to your "to do" list, Denise. I did one, too, although I am sure it will get added to over the year. I would love to get some painting done in our condo, but we will have to wait and see how the year pans out expense-wise.

  2. that bed crown is so pretty!!! and i love the idea of an outdoor arbor- we had a perfect place for one at our old house but never did it. maybe one day!

  3. Hi Denise!!!

    What a great project list you have!!!!

    That arbor is the greatest idea!!! So unique!!! I love the "Beach Office" because I love California, Hawaii and most of all the ocean!!!
    So your office is right up my alley!!! The bed crown is beautiful and I love the material on the pillows in the picture because it has my favorite color in it, "Pink!!!!!"

    I so look forward to this year and your beautiful Blog!!!!!!


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