my new favorite app- Our Groceries

It's not very often {ever??} that I do a post on technology, but this one was too good not to share!

I meant to post this a couple months ago, but now that we have started a new year, and some of us have the organization bug, it seemed like a good time to do it.

I found a great new phone app, and it's so awesome and simple, I think you'll love it too.
Best of all, it's free.

Our Groceries is an app you can use for all of your grocery and shopping lists.
I have lists for four different stores, but you can add as many as you want.
The hardware store, Target, drugstore... you name it.

 Here's what I love about it:

1.  The list stays open while you shop.
I've had lists on my phone before, but it always goes into sleep mode by the time I get to the next aisle.  So annoying to have to swipe open the page again to scroll through what you were after.

2.  You can cross off items with a tap- but it still keeps your checked off list at the bottom in case you need to review items, or accidentally bump something off your list.

 You can permanently delete items too when you're done shopping.

3. It remembers items you've entered on previous lists, so you save time for future lists.
It also lists all your items alphabetically.

4. Got your honey doing the shopping for you?  
You can sync your lists and send it to another phone with the app!

Just add their email to the list sharing category; a confirmation email will be sent to the person you are sharing your list with. Once they have accepted, you can begin sharing lists!

5.  Recipe feature- I haven't used this one much yet, but you can also type in a recipe's ingredients and store it on your home page.

There have been several times where I'm going to be making a favorite recipe- I think I remember all the ingredients, and then forget a key item.
When I get home I realize somehow it never made it on my grocery list.   
(squirrel brain, I tell ya.)
A nice review feature for meal planning.

I think even I'm a little surprised at how much I enjoy this app!
If you are annoyed by ads on the free version, you can upgrade to the Our Groceries Plus Ad Free version - it is $4.99.

I've always been a pen and paper list girl, but this one has converted me.
 You can go to the App Store on your iPhone to check it out!
(sorry, it doesn't look like it's available to android users..?)

Happy New Year!  Here's to being more organized in 2014!

xo Denise

I was not paid or approached by anyone to review or promote this product.  
I really like this app, and wanted to share it is a useful source for my readers.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I am downloading it now. This fits to me who loves to make lists but forgets them. lol.


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