InstaFriday and where I've been the last two weeks!

November can best be summed up in one word for me: 

I didn't post a lot other than gift ideas and the occasional InstaFriday pics because of what I had going on.
And then we went on vacation!
It was great to get away though after such a long and busy fall season.
Here's a little visual recap spanning mostly the past couple weeks while I was absent.

First off, I never posted any photos of my booth at the Heritage Holiday Faire!
It was the weekend before Thanksgiving, and a lot of fun.  I didn't really bring any furniture this time, because generally people are buying smalls.  

This is kind of an awkward shot, but I was literally snapping quickies just as shoppers were arriving, so it was a bit frantic.
I loved the little industrial 'Santa sled' that I set up on the left of the photo.  
It's red, rusty, chippy, and staged for a porch decoration.  
It didn't sell, but it's now at Aunt Bee's House.

I sold most of my painted signs that weekend. 
The vintage map was a bike route in France.  I loved it!
It sold to a lady who was decorating a bicycle themed room.

I used this metal rolling rack (normally in our garage) for all the pillows I made.  
Most of them sold over the weekend.

Shortly before Thanksgiving, I went to my favorite secret spot for junk and bought this vintage framed embroidery piece.  The glass covering it was filthy, but after a quick clean, it's gorgeous.
I don't know much about it, but it looks like some kind of sampler, and I love the French appeal.
It's a good size- about a foot and a half square.

I haven't had any time to decorate with everything going on.  
I didn't even get my few Thanksgiving pieces out, and was sad about that.  However, I did purchase this 'Memorandums' sign from another vendor at Aunt Bee's House.  I had been admiring it for a couple weeks, trying to figure out where I could put it.  
It adds a nice graphic punch to our gallery wall in the hallway.

Our baby girl turned 13 two days before Thanksgiving. 
I can't believe it.  We put together a collage video for her family party with photos and music. 
 When it was done and I started to review it, I burst into tears.  I'm not a weepy person, and not a big fan of crying, but it was overwhelming to see her young life put together that way.
She is a beautiful and talented person, and it's an honor to be her mom.

Two days after Thanksgiving, we headed south to Disneyland!
We went with my parents- they took Hannah for her 8th birthday, and we had so much fun with them last time, we couldn't wait to go back again.  
Christmastime at Disneyland is a whole other level of magic and fun.
We left 40 degree weather in Oregon to 80 degree weather on our first day there.

Ok, so I didn't get this posted on IG, but I had to get a photo of me with one of my favorite treats at Disneyland for a friend back home.  
So dang good.

We did the 3 day park hopper pass, and spent our second day at Disney's California Adventure.
So much has changed since we were there five years ago!
I really love the vintage 1930's vibe when you walk into the park.  

It's about as close as I'll ever get to walking back in time to one of my favorite eras.

The roller coaster (California Screamin) behind the ferris wheel was our favorite! We went on it multiple times.

Cars Land was amazing.  Actually, I was kind of surprised how much I loved it!
My favorite part of California Adventure.

So much creativity and junk, and it really feels like you are walking on the movie set in life form. 
This Christmas tree was my favorite.

There were a few other creative Christmas ideas that I loved too:

Camouflage life vests all stacked as a tree…

…and orange safety cones all decked out in tree form (notice that the star is even made out of cones).

It was very inspiring for me to see the creativity and attention to detail in both parks.  Everything is done with such a high level of care.  It was the shot in the arm that I needed.  
It's easy for me to get really busy and lose that kind of focus on my own product and brand.

This next photo is a good example of the creativity- car air filters all made into garlands and wreaths, tires used as planters, a shiny hubcap tree, and even though you don't see it here, they had made snowflakes out of crescent wrenches.

(I don't know who this couple was, it was just really hard to get a photo of the tree without someone jumping in for a photo op.)

So that's where I've been, and a little of what I've been doing over the last couple weeks!
Right now, I'm trying to get both spaces in order post-vacation, get fall decorations put away, and Christmas up, and back to painting furniture.  I should have some new projects to share soon, and a little tour of our home next week.

I've missed you!  See you soon!

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  1. I recently went on a Disney cruise with my best friend. I have been to both of the parks. I really liked Disneyland for the same reasons. It was less overwhelming as well. I enjoyed the pictures. Happy Birhtday to your daughter. She sure looks like you.

  2. wow- everything looks so amazing! i love love your pillows!
    and disneyland this time of year looks so much fun- and you are adorable!

  3. Your comments about your daughter remind me of myself--I totally adore my kids too. Your daughter is beautiful! I am so glad you had fun at Disneyland--the pictures look great. You have been busy! Enjoy the season :)

  4. oh, your trip to Disneyland looked divine! family, warm weather, and all the fun you can fit in. so glad you got to go.


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