The Farmhouse Show- and some thoughts on shops, shows, and life

Sometimes planning for a show or flea market is a little bit like planning a mini wedding event.
Lists, sketches, purchasing, floral or natural elements to bring in to the decor, budgets….
and just like a wedding, all the planning seems to be gone, and a mere memory in seconds.
At least it feels that way.

I had a great time this year at the fall version of The Farmhouse Show in Turner, Oregon.
This is a bi-annual show - one in the spring, which I've done twice now, and one in the fall.

Honestly, I wasn't loving the end result of my staging, but it is what it is!

This was my first time doing the fall version.

I've been accumulating a lot of stuff for it over the last couple months.  
Hoarding away stuff that I thought would be "perfect" for this one.
(I do that with every show, by the way).

I probably shouldn't, because that also means that sometimes my spaces at the shops start to get a little meager or stale, but I can't help it.

See this wood cubby?
Gone in the first 15 minutes.
I added the vintage tags from an Etsy shop- Time Passages.
If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw them, but not on the finished product!

A few weeks before the show, I started asking some of the other vendors at the shop if they were bringing any Christmas items to this one.

Last year when I went to check it out, there was a little bit of Christmas, but mostly fall items.
A few people said yes, they would be, so I figured I'd put in a few pieces too- but like I said earlier, I am already hoarding away my Christmas product for my booths, and another upcoming show in 3 weeks.

I brought in a few holiday items, but I should have planned for more (note to self for next year….)
Christmas was flying out the door in buckets!

Opening night, I wore many hats.
First, I sold tickets with another vendor.
When that slowed down, I helped customers who had their hands full, by taking items to our holding area.
Then I helped out with pulling tickets and wrapping items when it started to get a little crazy.
When it got even more crazy, another vendor and myself went to relieve a couple staff members in the kitchen who were doing food prep.

It was fun, and the evening went by really fast with all that going on!

It was shocking to see the amount of Christmas items people were snapping up.
I'd had my eye on a silver tinsel tree that a friend was selling.
Those were gone in the first half hour.

sorry about the not so great photo...
This little aqua dining set was a piece I never got to feature here.
I didn't have enough time to get it done, so here's a quick shot I took before load up:

It's pretty diminutive when the leaves are dropped, but is a good size when it's all opened up.
I was really lucky to find some drop leaf hinges through an Etsy seller just a couple weeks before Farmhouse.  I really have to give this seller props- she was so fun to work with, and I highly recommend her! Her shop name is Long Ago Vintage.
xoxo Simone!!

I had looked everywhere online, and no one had them!!
I was so thankful that she saw the value in saving these from another piece of furniture.
They worked perfectly, and now the leaves are working properly.  The old hinges were completely shot and were held together with piles of duck tape and a pencil jammed into one hinge for "stability". Ha.

As the weekend went on, I restocked every day, I raided my booth at Aunt Bee's House twice, and pretty much sold everything I took down.
That was baffling to me, since several of those items have been in my space for months, and were then snapped up the same day in a different venue.

I'll do a post soon on this sweet little buffet...
 It's a great Thomasville piece and super heavy!

Pack up was pretty quick and painless, since the big pieces were easy to move, and I only had 2 1/2 tubs of smalls to take home (versus the 7 that I initially brought! Not including all the booth raids!)

I share all this with you with a very humble and grateful heart.  
It's always exciting for me to see what my customers love and purchase.  

I've had good success with selling my European inspired table runners in my Etsy shop, but not so much at flea markets / shows, or at the shop.

But based on sales this weekend, I may introduce more of my holiday runners at the shops over the next month.

With that in mind...

It's been an interesting month for me.

via Instagram

I'm an introvert through and through, and I've been discovering a lot about me, my business, and my online presence.
Here's what I know:

I need face to face social.  
It's been very good for me over the last couple weeks to call my mom or a friend and do some visiting.
It gets me out of all the negative going on in my head.
I'm really hard on myself.

I feel like I'm figuring out what I can and can't do in every finger of my business.  
It's a lot of work to maintain two shop spaces, an online shop, and shows.

I love each and every aspect.  
Shop space gives me a base and a steady income to keep doing what I love.  
I learn a lot from the veterans around me.

Etsy has been sporadic since I don't keep it stocked very well, but it's nice to have a shot of money during the month to keep the income rolling.  

Shows are a little bit like the lottery.  
It can be a big windfall of cash, or it can be a risk if you don't do so well, or a new venture that expands your market.

 It's hard to keep my blog regularly updated when I already have all of the above going on.
I still love sharing projects, and I wish I could do more, but I know my limits.

It's interesting to me that my home decor projects seem to be getting better and some attention through Pinterest and party features, and I like that, but I don't have all the time I'd really like to do more decor projects.

It's discouraging to me at times to see how slowly I've grown online due to the nature of being pulled in so many directions, but I also know that if I look at what brings me the most joy, it's doing my vintage home decor business.

I started this webpage as a way to be inspired by others in the same line of creativity, and to hopefully make a business out of it, and I have.  
Not as much from the blog part, although I have a steady income from bits here and there, but I guess looking in hindsight, I really wanted more of a brick and mortar type money maker anyway.

It's easy to get lost in doing what the Jones' are doing around blogland.
I really admire and love the places I visit where the photography is beautiful, the women who run their creative vintage-related businesses are unique, and the products are quality and special.

I guess that's where I'm trying to put my focus.
It's so fun for me to meet other bloggers face to face, and receive nice emails from customers who enjoy what I do.
That is so rewarding!

I know this has been a bit of a rambling post, but it's not very often that I share my heart or the things floating around in my head.  
Like I said, I'm an introvert.
But if we went out for coffee, you'd hear the same thing I wrote here.

Thanks for letting me share, thank you for your interest and your support of what I do.
love you.

xo Denise

P.S.  I have been having major issues with PicMonkey over the last 24 hours…it's driving me nuts!
Anyone else?? I think it's something on my end...

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  1. You had some great pieces at the show, Denise! I love how you've displayed everything. I find it a challenge sometimes to get my booth space looking the way I would like it to look. I try to fluff it every week when I go just to give it a fresh look and maybe I'll hit on something that works {in my mind anyway}.

  2. Your display looked great for the show saw lots of things I liked.

  3. Hi there Denise, I always love your displays, always look forward to seeing your new pieces. I too love doing the shows and even draw a map of how I am going to set up my space. I spends hours trying to maximize every inch of my space based on the previous shows flow. We strive to make our space inviting and comfortable for our guests. So brava to you for always having the same space so you can determine how you will do your set up. It shows in the finished product.

  4. i love your honesty! and i never knew you were an introvert! don't be hard on yourself, ok? :)

  5. Hello Denise,
    Congrats on having an awesome show!!! Your booth looked I can see why you sold so much. I am planning on doing 2-3 shows in 2014...just trying it out to see how I like it.


  6. You rock, Denise.... It's that plain and simple....

  7. Lovely picture of you. Thank you for sharing today...... I enjoyed hearing about the show and what was on your mind x


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