New holiday shopping series: favorite gift ideas

Hi Friends!

I'm launching a new series for the month of November!
Every Wednesday this month, I will be sharing a handful of gift giving ideas in a wide range of categories:  Home decor, fashion, jewelry, kids, guys, and handmade.

I want you to know that all of the items shown are curated by me, with no sponsorships or commercial plugs by companies or artisans.
It's just great products I think are pretty, unique, and great items that you might want to check out for your own gift giving.

Ok- here we go!

Home Decor:
Have you ever heard of the website called The Grommet?
It's a great place for entrepreneurial creatives to have their day in the spotlight with inventive and amazing products.  
You can sign up with your email to see a few of their daily products featured.  
I am always so impressed by what they offer. 

One of today's deals caught my eye:

These are designed by art students in Minnesota and made in the USA!
Lots of great color options, and super unique.  
These would be great for hostess gifts, loved ones who are missing home, or a house warming gift.
Super affordable at $15 a piece.

Last year these were featured on the Today Show Deals and Steals, and I bought 2.  
The shawls are super soft, and drape beautifully, no matter how you wear it.  

I also loved it post holidays when too much eating means a tummy pooch, and you can hide it until January resolutions kick in.

It's like wearing a big, beautiful, soft blanket.  

These are fabulous to wear day or night, and even curl up in on the couch in the evening.  
 Princess Kate Middleton has even been spotted wearing them!

On a side note, another reason I love this company is that they "accidentally" sent me two extras.
It may have been an oversight, but the note I received when I let them know they sent me too many in my order was to gift them to a couple women in need.
So I did.  
Like I said, great company!

I just love the special silhouette jewelry that shop owner Kerstin makes!

These are truly special pieces that are amazing and beautiful. 

You can find all kinds of options for creating your one of a kind piece for yourself or someone special.
If you love what you see here, her Etsy shop is Crafted by Kerstin.
Order early for the holidays!! Each silhouette is custom made, so it will take some turn around time.

I've featured Playmobil here in the past, and I still say these are some of the best kids toys around.

Gender neutral, amazing attention to detail in every set, quality made… we've still got lots of Playmobil sets around here, and I know they will last for years to come even when grandkids are in the picture.

These come in a variety of sets and are affordable for any budget.  You can purchase accessory packs, which have a person, and a cool animal or vehicle, and go all the way up to the huge sets like their circus, pirate bay, hospital, dinosaurs…you name it.  
They even make travel packs, with little plastic cases for storing a nice set of toys for the car or plane.
Fantastic product!

Most guys can be tough to buy for,  and I love anything that appeals to 
keeping their life simpler, with a techie twist.
Also from The Grommet website, this cool iPhone case has a built in card case, so there's only one thing to grab to walk out the door. 

The Eyn Products iPhone case is a best seller on The Grommet website, and is a great price at $29.95.
This has a wide variety of color options, and bonus! it also has a mirror!

I just highlighted this artisan on my FB page earlier this week.  

Chalkboard House makes gorgeous chalk art signs, and I love the detail and variety of her art.  
Really fun, on trend, and great prices.

That's all for today!
See you soon~

xo Denise

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  1. I love it all. LOVE IT ALL !!! I can think of several things I am interested in . Thanks for sharing such awesome(NESS) my friend.

  2. Well, this is a wonderful post - I am going to head over the sources for many of these items - thank you! (Christmas list has begun, , ,)

    1. Fabulous! Good luck with that shopping Barbara! I wish I was getting started! ;)

  3. I''m with you on Playmobil....My kids are teens now but we saved their's and it won't be long till I'm pulling them out for my nieces children! Thanks for sharing your gift giving ideas...I need to get started!

  4. Well, these are really very much beautiful and highly attractive gift ideas to with. There are so many options folks have while deciding to gift anything to their loved one, but you have availed with a very much nice and amazing set of gift ideas. I personally love handmade gifts over artificial gifts, but I loved the ideas shared by you a lot.


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