Well, I'm glad it won't be a week between posts again! 
It's always a catch 22 for me- I feel guilty when I lapse on posts here, but it feels so good to dedicate a solid day to getting projects done.  
I wish I was fast enough to do both!

Even though I'm posting a few Instagram posts from the last week or so, it's been pretty quiet there too.
Lately I've just been feeling overwhelmed, and social media is doing nothing to alleviate that.
I decided this week to take a break from my personal page on FB.
I'm still updating my Pink Postcard page, but my personal one will be quiet for a bit.
I've been checking in to IG here and there, and posting occasionally, but it's been nice to take a small hiatus there too.

So here's what this past week has looked like!

Sunday was a pillow-making-pallooza day.
We missed church because none of us remembered to set our alarms, so it was an at home kinda day.
Fabric everywhere.

I made several pillows using this double weight flannel.  
I also picked up a pair of brass stag candle holders at a sale.

Some of the pillows are already available at Aunt Bee's House and Bella Hill, but most will be going to the Heritage Holiday Faire (see link at the top of my side bar)

Here's what I love about IG: instant feedback and influence.

I bought this hutch a week and a half ago, and was 50/50 on painting it or leaving it au naturale.
The consensus was, don't paint it.
I just put some wood conditioner on it to bring back it's natural luster.
She's now decked out in holiday glory at Bella Hill.
Kinda wish I could keep this one.

Last Thursday, my friends and I got to celebrate one of our BFF's who was honored locally as a teacher.

The Crystal Apple awards are nomination based, and this is her second year in the district.
There are a lot of teachers who don't even get a nomination until they've been teaching for years!!
So it really was a big deal for her.
All the teachers get to walk the red carpet, have a TV interview, and then a program highlighting each nominee with a handful winning a Crystal Apple for outstanding work.
So cool.
So proud of you, Janie!

This is a typical scene at my house on the weekends.

Me laying on the couch with a cup of coffee, and Bella staring at me willing my hand to scratch her belly.

I worked my shift at Aunt Bee's House last week, and it is so hard for me not to come home with a treasure or two when I'm done.

This beautiful winter painting will be perfect in my white and pastel living room.

Boopie Glass or candlewick?

That was the question with this dish.

It's huge, very pretty, and I plan to fill it with lots of vintage ornaments for the Heritage Holiday Faire next weekend.
Anyone else care to venture a guess?

Like I said at the beginning, lots of creating going on here!

I've been making little wintry scenes with bottle brush trees and glitter.  
This was one of the finished ones.

Sunday was pillow palooza, yesterday was sign extravaganza!

I love making signs, and I know there are lots of you who make them for Etsy or flea markets.
I've been making them off and on over the years, but for some reason I've never put a ton of focus on making them for my business.
I hope to remedy that soon.
This was the biggest of the bunch, and will be a rustic, chalkboard look with my favorite Christmas carol.

That's me in a nutshell this week!  
Today and tonight will be nuts- I will have a house full of teen girls for Hannah's bday sleepover!!

As soon as I'm done writing this, I will be dedicated to cleaning up all my crap  creating, and getting things ready for that.
Wish me luck!

xo Denise

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  1. Replies
    1. Ha ha! I totally thought of you when I picked those up! :) Happy weekend to you, Cassie!

  2. Ohhh, that flannel looks so cozy...perfect for winter! Love that painting and that hutch too! Those sure are some great finds :)

  3. You have been a busy girl, love that flannel! I know don't you wish we could just do it all :)

  4. Such a cute picture of Bella the hutch is lovely and the winter picture is great.


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