favorite gift ideas - week 2

I've been super busy getting all my holiday merchandise ready for both my spaces at Aunt Bee's House and Bella Hill, and the Heritage Faire which is less than 2 weeks away!
Sorry for such a long lapse here!
I hope to get some photos when I stop in to the shops later today.


Thanks for your notes on last week's edition!
Here's my picks for this week:

Home Decor:

Luminara candles are the most realistic battery operated candles I have ever seen.
These have a "flame" that moves like a real flame, without the fire hazard to holiday decor or little ones.

I saw these in person at a boutique this summer, and I really did a double take on them.
A 3 x 5 pillar is $39.95, and has a built in timer.
If you love the look of candles in your front windows for the holidays,
(they do offer a traditional candle for this, with a metal finish) this is a safe option without cords or fire hazards.

A unique feature to this candle is that it also has a remote control capability, which is great if you are busy getting ready for a holiday party.
It saves you that last minute running around lighting candles!

You can click here for a You Tube video showing these beauties in action.


 Ruche clothing is one of my favorite online clothing shops!
Great prices, feminine, and unique. 
 A lot of their dresses have a vintage feel to them, but with a modern feel.

These shoes caught my eye- cute little flats with velvet scallops, a not too girly bow, and a sheer detail. So cute for holiday parties, or pairing with jeans and a sweater for daytime.

 The Anne-Marie flats are $28.99 at ShopRuche.com!  
They are a boutique type store, so there are limited quantities of their product.
(hint: don't wait too long to buy, if you like it…)
Often times they will restock a popular item, but no guarantees.  
You can always sign up for a restock notification when a particular item you like is no longer available too.


Bellezamia creates beautiful jewelry, and this chalcedony and gold ring is simple and modern, but with a timeless look.

The faceted stone and rustic gold setting is exactly my kind of style.
Versatile, pretty, and simple.

I was also pretty happy to find an Etsy shop owner based out of my home state of Oregon!
$49.00 for this beauty.


I'm going to give a couple options for the guys category this week.  Both are the same product essentially, but with different looks.
I loved this bottle opener from Anthropologie!  
The design is so subtle, I didn't even notice what it was at first. 

This would make a great stocking stuffer too.  
At $14 it's a great idea for any guy, especially a dog lover.

Maybe your guy isn't in to dogs?
I bought this one for Jon a couple years ago (and he is a dog lover BTW)
so we could install it on our back deck for relaxing evenings or when guests are over.

World Market $6.99

Heavy duty, no nonsense.  
I love that it also has a classic look.
Great for outdoor use- it has held up really well outside!
Great for the BBQ area!

I thought this was so funny! 
Anyone with a coffee obsession and a little one will get a kick out of this!

Z Gallerie offers these pint sized Rise and Shine sippy cups for $7.95.
Of course, the beverage can be decaf!


Ok, this next item is a total luxury pick, one that I hope to do someday soon.
I am so in love with this shoe maker who does gorgeous custom made leather shoes.

This is such a lost art, and I can't think of anything more special than having shoes made just for you.

The Drifter Leather is an Etsy shop based out of Greece, and they have tons of adorable styles.
I love their boots too- they remind me of a pair I had in the 80's that I never got rid of!
Their shoes all look dreamy soft and comfy.
Guys can find a pair here too.

That's all for today!
As always, none of these products are sponsored, just really great pieces curated by me.
I hope this helps you with some holiday gift giving ideas!

xo Denise

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  1. Oh my! Just HAD to run right over and buy those adorable sippy cups for my twins! And I think I now want 3 pair of shoes from The Drifter Leather!

  2. I LOVE THESE PICS AND IDEAS .. You never disappoint my friend THANK YOU

  3. I love that dog bottle opener. I would not have known that is what it is if you had not said it. It would be nice just on a stack of old books.


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