buffet makeover

Ok, first of all I want to apologize.  I really wanted to give this buffet the credit it deserves and properly stage and photograph it….but time wouldn't allow it, and so the best you get today are what I could take with my iPhone.
I think the new iPhone does pretty well with photos, but these were also taken really fast since it was a half hour before the doors opened, and I was racing to wrap things up.
So I really don't feel like I'm doing justice to this ol' girl.

I purchased this buffet about a month ago, and was super excited to bring her home and make her over.
The guys that I bought it from loaded it in my car, and I went on my way.

I got home and tugged at it to pull it out.
Holy. Moly.
This thing was heavy.
Like, scary heavy.

My car is 9 years old, and is by no means in new car shape.  
But- I do try to take care of it and hate getting new dings and scrapes.

My plan was to try and lay a blanket over the back end of the car and put it on a moving dolly.
It was quickly looking like something or someone was going to get broken doing this alone, so I happened to notice our neighbor walking across the street, and asked if he wouldn't mind helping me.
He's a cop and just won a bench press competition over the summer, so he could definitely handle it with me.
I was embarrassed though that he was seeing me unload yet another piece of furniture into my garage when it's already overflowing.

Anyway, this was Annie Sloan's French Linen and Old White mixed together to make a soft gray.

I also used Country Grey to highlight some of the details and then lightly distressed it.
I liked the original hardware, but just added some Rub N Buff to give it a little more sparkle.

I also opted to leave the top natural.  

The leaves extend out, and it's a great size buffet for a sofa table or in a small dining area.
The drawer is huge and has silver ware / server dividers, which I love.

I wish I could have done a real photo shoot with this one, but thanks for letting me share just the same! 

xo Denise

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  1. Oh, I love the buffet. It`gorgeus. One of the kind you never find here.

    Hugs from here

  2. Wow! What a transformation! Love it!!

  3. What an absolutely beautiful buffet Denise! No need for fancy styling, it shines on it's own!

  4. Okay ..Listen to me... GET a PEN ..... (waiting ) Waiting ..OKAY now take down my address .. Because we need to ship that PUPPY right on OVER .. Can we say LOVE !!! WHY yes we can sister ...cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

  5. This piece turned out beautifully. I love the top being left wood, great contrast!



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