vintage entry table & screen

I'm a junk dork.
I get totally excited- like Christmas morning excited- when I get to go on a planned hunt / trip.
There's a spot about a half hour away that I always find good stuff at, and I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to hit a few other spots and come home with a car load of great vintage pieces.

Like this table:

It looked like a shop class project to begin with, but I loved the curves and simple details, and knew that with a little extra embellishment and paint, it could look amazing.

First, I envisioned some kind of longish wood floral applique.
I ordered this one from D. Lawless Hardware.

They carry cool stuff like this in addition to actual hardware!
Once the wood glue was dry I mixed up some milk paint.
I did 3 coats of MMS Ironstone, and chipped away at the crackling paint.

A little bit of Old English furniture reviver on the top, and it looks amazing.  
It's taller than a typical table height, but I think it would make the perfect entry way table.

A pretty mirror above it and it's perfect for an entry hall, with a little Swedish-look flair!

My en masse buying trip from earlier this month also included this beautiful vintage screen.

It wasn't so beautiful to begin with.
The panels were all gone, there was rotting burlap / plywood panels where the spindles are... it was a hot mess.

I discovered this gorgeous fabric last week, and became more and more infatuated with it.
I love it so much, I'm hoping I can get some more when The Farmhouse Show is done, and make some curtain panels for our living room.
We'll see!

I love that it looks very retro and European, but still has colors that are cheery and fun.
The back side of the screen is lined with white fabric.
I still need to finish off the edges with some gimp or twill tape, which is part of my plan for the afternoon.

  I bought 25 yards (in packages) over the weekend, only to discover that it wasn't cotton twill tape, it was poly.
And the only reason I bought packaged is because the two fabric stores in town were out of cotton twill tape by the yard (at least not enough for what I needed- 25 yards!!)

Back out on another errand today.

That's all for today, and hopefully I will be able to check in with you later this week- the next two days are set up for The Farmhouse Show in Turner, Oregon!

I'll be working the preview night (Wednesday the 30th, 6-8pm)
You need to purchase a ticket to get into that evening, but you can call Aunt Bee's House to purchase.
(503) 585-9749
 It's a really fun night, and the line to get in starts early!

It's a great show full of vintage goodness- if you have time this week or weekend, it's worth the trip!
I'll be sure to take photos of my booth when it's all set up, and share them via Instagram and on my blog later this week.

My Etsy shop will be closing soon while I'm working the show, so I can focus on one thing at a time.  It will reopen on Sunday, November 3!

See you soon!

xo Denise

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  1. Girl I love it ...just beautiful and its perfect for the entry way . LOVE it !!!! I love the black and white picture at the end too with the FARM HOUSE in the yard. JUST beautiful .

  2. I love a junk dork! You found something really great there and I LOVE it. I also love that fabric. Great picture at the end! xo Diana

  3. Great use of the appliques and thanks for the link! We really appreciate it!

  4. Olá,
    amei a mesa e painel. Eu também fico feliz com o natal.
    Tenha um ótimo fim de semana.

  5. I am 'in love' with the screen and the fabric...where did you get the fabric? I need some too. ;)


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