farmhouse table and chairs, French decanters, and my crazy life

Yesterday was a picturesque fall day.

We were driving home, and all I could think of was how the blue sky and the trees looked like something out of an old Ideals magazine.
do you remember those?

I decided to do a little photo shoot of a vintage table and chairs that I picked up on one of my recent purchases.

It was a filthy mess, but I loved the chippy paint, and so I scrubbed it with soapy water.
Then I broke out the bleach.
And scrubbed some more.
Even with all that, the table still looked dirty, so I ended up doing a quick wash with Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint.  
Partly to seal the table, mostly just to freshen it up.

Once it was dry, I decided to try the hemp oil treatment and see how that worked.
I was really happy with it, and it was a lot less work than waxing.
I've been doing so many furniture pieces recently, that I seriously have tennis elbow at the moment.

As for the chairs, I took out my scraper and worked at some of the chippy paint.

Two of them are the same style, one is more rustic and slightly different.
I'll be selling these individually at The Farmhouse Show.
 I also sealed the chairs with clear poly.

This farmhouse table is very vintage, and I can imagine someone loved on this table and had many meals and homework sessions on it.

It would be pretty cute in a craft room too!

I have lots of fun smaller items that I'm packing up as well- all of my table runners will be available, (as seen in these photos) and I've recently stocked all of my Scandinavian and Christmas runners.
(you can see them in my Etsy shop)

I'm also bringing three of these French glass decanters.

So pretty!

Lots still going on to prep, and it was a crazy weekend- my latest furniture makeover was a whirlwind, and sold so fast I only got a few quick iPhone pics, and then it was gone!
Here's a little peek at what it was:

A really tall, skinny, secretary.
I painted this in Annie Sloan's Old White, and then painted the back panel of the top in Country Gray.
I always think that name is funny, since it's a khaki color.
No gray.

With that hole to fill at the shop, I did some scrambling and swapped out a couple pieces at Bella Hill and brought in this little side table and a small shelf that I recently finished:

I loved all the great detail on it!

Want to know something funny?
This table, and the gray one I posted earlier last week, were what spawned a buying frenzy a couple weeks ago.
I had bought these two and a small buffet, but only had room to get the buffet loaded in my car... I came back later to pick up the side tables, and discovered that the shop had unloaded a ton of vintage inventory.
I love the manager of this particular shop- they are starting to recognize me, and he will bundle things together for me.
Kinda like Frank on American Pickers!  ;)

So the farmhouse table you see here, was part of that bundle.
I was so excited, but also shaking my head and fearing what Jon would say when he realized the garage was going to be stuffed again.
It's a sickness!

And yes- my life really has been this crazy recently.  I am making sure to get some workouts in during my week to retain some sanity, but blogging and business stuff has pretty much been my life these last few weeks.
I'm really looking forward to an upcoming vacation at the beginning of December.
I think I will need it.
And a massage!

Have a great week~

xo Denise

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  1. Love that table, Denise. Those smaller pieces are lovely, too. Love the legs in that last picture. I did more painting last week {and the week before} and now I need to transfer my attention to my sewing. My booth is pretty well stocked right now, even if something sells. Although I have a side table and vanity seat here to be redone. I've got to get to some of these sewing projects I have planned and bought the fabric for otherwise I can just see myself scrambling and stressing when the holiday festival I'm participating in rolls around.

  2. Such a beautiful piece, love all the pictures its perfect ~ Lisa

  3. LOVE the table and the chairs. LOVE that distressed look so much. As usual sister you do not let those readers down . HUGS and blessings this fall season my friend

  4. What beautiful pieces. Love the table and chairs what a great find!!


  5. wow, sach a beautiful and unique table and chairs deisgn. m really inspaired your bed sale UK

  6. Perfect outdoor Fall table vignette! Seriously, what can be better than a chippy white table and chairs!! love them!

  7. Denise it is wonderful! What can better than than a set like that. Thanx for partying at THT!

  8. Hello Denise,
    Lucky you to have someone looking out for you:) Love this old table and chairs.


  9. Yes, I remember Ideals. Wish I had saved some issues.

    Your spot to showcase your table is so lovely. I love your tabletop items.
    Be careful with your hands. They are the only ones you have. I have made that mistake and paid dearly for overdoing.

    Pretty post.


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