Fall wine tasting table setting

About a week ago we had our annual wine tasting party with our friends.
We've kind of lost count at exactly how many years we've been doing this, but I think our first one was 9 years ago. 
Every fall, we get together for an evening of tasting and some yummy appetizers.

I didn't get any photos this year- with everyone's crazy schedules, we threw the party together with a week's notice.

 Here's a re-creation of our evening's table decor.  
I added in a couple more elements that I didn't have time to get pre- party, so to those who were in attendance that night, there may be some new surprises.

Some wood cut rounds stand in as a tray for the wine selections.

I purchased these at Michael's.
You're probably thinking that with me being from Oregon, I should easily find wood rounds just laying around for the taking.
Sorry to ruin that image.

I made the numbered linen wine bags a few years ago and shared the tutorial here.
They've held up beautifully, and I still love using them.

One of our local markets has gorgeous Dahlia's for sale, and I can't get enough of them.
For me, they are Autumn's version of Spring's Peonies.

These simple glass votives got a little embellishment with some pretty washi tape.
The script on the tape reminded me of a good book to snuggle up to.

We got pretty windblown over the weekend, so the very first leaves that were starting to turn colors were available in the yard.  I collected a few from our maple tree and scattered them on the table.
I love the tiny ones.

The table runner was fabric I purchased and cut to the length of our table + a little extra to spill over the edge.
I washed the fabric after cutting it to give it a nice frayed edge.
No sew at it's best!

The place cards were fun to make- used wine corks that I cut a slit on one end (carefully!) and then I used a cotton-y card stock to stamp a circle.
It wasn't watercolor paper, but it had the same qualities.
I wanted the wine to soak and bleed the paper.

I finished them off by tracing a circle (from a cup) and then cut the edges with scallop edge scrapbook scissors.

Kinda fun!

The wicker chargers were from World Market.
I got some for Christmas last year, and then bought a few more for parties like this.
 Simple white napkins with a mix of vintage napkin rings and a sprig of wheat.

We have such a great time at this party every year.
Lots of great food, great memories, great friends.

This year, we let the person who brought the wine pour for everyone and then give a toast.
We enjoyed finding some new favorites!

Before I sign off for the day, I wanted to share a sweet story that I posted on my Instagram feed yesterday afternoon.
I opened a card that was simply addressed, Neighbors not really sure what was inside.

A very sweet lady whom I've never met, took the time to write us!
It was such a thoughtful gesture, and it made my day.
 It has prompted me to make sure that I write a note to one of our neighbors this holiday season.  Someone who I've always thought,
I should write them and tell them how much I enjoy their Nativity scene every year.
So this year, I will.

xo Denise

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  1. so fun! i want to come over for a wine tasting!

    1. Yeah!!! I bet we could find some good ones! ;) You should come to Oregon- we have sooo many vineyards around here!

  2. What a fun wine tasting thing you have going on there. We have several vineyards around this area that have sprung up in the last few years. I love a glass of wine but I can't drink it- I get terrible headaches- even with the white wines anymore.....UGH!!!

  3. love your table setting, it is just gorgeous! Oh that letter, how wonderful for her to leave it for you, so sweet! Hope you are doing well.


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