elegant gray side table

Wow, I really can't believe how fast last week flew by!
So much going on, I only had one chance to check in with you all!

Lots of painting for me, more work on finishing up the details of our home office makeover, and then the usual household duties that all of us moms try and manage during the week.

One of the projects that was completed early on, but never got photographed was one of two side tables.

I got a great deal on a load of furniture a couple weeks ago, and spent most of last week working on some smaller pieces indoors.
They took up quite a bit of floor space between the dining room and kitchen!

This is a really solid piece of furniture.
I loved the scrolly drawer front on it, and the simple lines on the rest of the body.

This was a custom mix of ASCP French Linen and Old White.
I touched up the hardware with some Antique Gold Rub N Buff.

A little bit of distressing and clear wax!

Over the weekend I went to a couple out of town estate sales.  One was a total dud, even though I got there 10 minutes after it opened.  Most of the good stuff had already walked out the door.
But I did manage to find a beautiful old ironstone bowl at another sale.

I'm planning on using it for an upcoming holiday show, and fill it with lots of silver ornaments.

Speaking of shows, The Farmhouse Show is just a couple weeks away, and I've got lots to do to get details finalized.

There are lots of pieces in the garage right now, waiting for some paint and some love, and the forecast this week means I should be able to get a ton done.

I thought I would also share a little update on our fall mantel that I posted a couple weeks ago.
We had a very scary moment last week- as I was getting dinner ready, I heard a thud, saw that our mantel mirror had dropped from the hanger and then do a slow nose dive to the ground.
I screamed and heard glass breaking like you would not believe.

Miraculously, the mirror stayed in tact- my ironstone pedestal and two glass vases broke.
Even more miraculous is that we were home when it happened, no one got hurt, and Bella was not on her usual couch perch (where she probably would have had some fallout from the crash).

So my simple fall mantel is a whole lot more simple today.
Not sure what to do about the mirror though- the wood on the frame is so soft, the screw popped right out.  Time to look for some heavy duty hardware, I guess.

I hope you are enjoying your days of fall, (and not mirrors).
Time to get busy!

xo Denise

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  1. Oh gosh, that must have been scary, Denise. When you actually see those things happen, it seems to happen in slow motion, but you can't get there fast enough to stop it. Just as well in this case so that you didn't get hit with any glass. Your table looks great. Love how the hardware turned out, too.

    1. ugh. Yes, awful to see something you can't stop!! Or cut you to ribbons in the process of trying! :( Thank you so much on the table~

  2. Love the color you used on it. What a great piece, love the legs and detail work on the front. You have it styled so pretty too.

  3. Really pretty! I love the scroll design and the cute feet!

  4. Love the color...what ratios of French Linen to Old White did you use?


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