tips and tricks for a creative gallery wall

I'm back to revisit our hallway, and show you some tips on how I put together the photos and items that you saw here the other day!

I really hope to add some mini clipboards to the collection.  I passed a couple up awhile back, and have been kicking myself ever since.
It's one of my favorite elements to this makeover.  

They are so simple and inexpensive to use in lieu of frames-which can get pricey if you're redoing a whole area.
You can pick up most clipboards at Goodwill or thrift shops for under a dollar.  
I'm picky, and looked only for the ones that were chipped and well used.

For the family silverware display, I laid out the silver exactly how I wanted them, and then marked it with a pencil around the neck of each piece.

Then I took the smallest drill bit, and drilled holes where the pencil dots were:

Using very thin gauge wire, I cut 2-3" pieces with wire cutters...

 and made a U shape to wrap around the neck of the silverware pieces and then push through the holes.  

A simple twist holds them in place.
{make sure you get that first twist as close to the board as possible to hold it snug}

A quick swipe with chalkboard paint, and you are good to go!
Name it, date it, it's totally up to you.

Another trick for hanging photos is sticky tack or poster putty.
You know- like the stuff you used in middle school to hang all your posters.

If you have a frame that just won't hang straight, you can make a little ball with the putty and stick it on the offending corner.  Press it into the wall, and your frame will stay put!

I also used it to hang the number 3 card on this silver tray.  
I had planned to use a cute little magnet, but the magnet wouldn't stick.  
Sticky tack!

It's great because it's totally removable, holds great, and won't damage the item it's stuck to.
Occasionally with some thinner quality papers, I've seen an oily residue soak through, but for the majority of items I've used it on, it's no risk.
This product is available pretty much everywhere they sell basic office supplies.

For the burlap "frames" I also stitched and stamped these little family name plates.

This was a muslin type fabric that I used.  
I used regular black stamp ink, and some letter stamps from Michael's.

Once it was stamped on the fabric, I chose red thread, and did a very rustic {a la Anthropologie} stitch around the border.
If you don't have a sewing machine, or if that intimidates you, grab a needle and thread, and stitch a simple X or some knots in the corner!

To hang these photos, I used an old yard stick as the base, measured out every 9" and put in an upholstery tack.  You can find all kinds of finishes in upholstery tacks- bronze, silver, gold, smooth or hammered finish. I always get mine from Ace Hardware, and it's under $3 for about 25 tacks.

Before you hammer in the tack all the way, save enough room to hang a binder clip over the tack and then finish pushing / hammering it to the yard stick.

I also used this decorative salvage piece that I had been saving to use for something. 
 I don't know what, but it came in handy for this project!

I liked the wavy lines and weathered wood-  I think it was from an old dresser back.

It needed just a little something else, so I hot glued this starfish to the middle.  You could also do a letter  for your family name or a family number.

{Like our 3's that we have everywhere!}

Even a piece of bling jewelry from a parent or grandparent would be pretty!

Finally, when I was painting the hallway, I had a really tight spot to try and get to.  
I really, really, really hate taping when I paint.  
I prefer to use angled brushes and eyeball my cutting in.
But this was a challenge.

 I used one of my art brushes that had stiffer bristles and a long handle.
Getting between a thin strip of wall and moulding was much easier using this kind of brush!

Finally, mix up your gallery!  
Adding in personal interest items besides just photos is fun and adds character and personality to your home.  

I love having a mirror or something with some shine mixed in with photos.
(silver and mirrors!)

Highlighting a special photo or item gives it more importance and focus too.  
This extra large frame was hung by the frame, rather than the wire. 
 I used that instead to clip this air mail envelope to.

What's the significance of the envelope?
I have an aunt and uncle who have lived in Brazil for many years, and I used to write to them on these Air Mail stationary papers.  
So fun.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas on creating a memorable gallery wall!

xo Denise


  1. There are some really cute ideas here, Denise. I especially like that clipboard with the silverware- xo Diana

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  3. Neat ideas! Thanks for the are inspiring me to get my own drill. :)


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