Deepwood Vintage Market 2013 and my house sold!

It's hard to believe my 3rd year at the Deepwood Vintage Market has come and gone!
There's always so much work and and prep that goes in to it, and then it feels like it's done in 2 seconds.

I had a great time this year in my new spot.  

It was particularly special for me because it was the exact same place where we had our cake table for our wedding reception 21 years ago!
So many great memories here.

Lots of fun neighbors around me- doing shows regularly gets to be like a fun friend reunion.
More than anything, I enjoyed making new friends and networking.
So here's the photos of my booth and a few I got to take of the show.

I was disappointed I didn't have time to go around before hand and take more snapshots of the props and theme- there just wasn't time.
I know we had a photographer who got to take some before hand, so I'll try and put a link on my FB page when those are available.  

Also, I wanted to give you an update on the doll house that I showed you last week.
It never made it to the show, because a friend of mine saw it on Instagram and asked if she could buy it.

Isn't it perfect?
A mini replica of her real house!
I didn't even think about that until she mentioned it.
So fun to see who / where some of these treasures end up.

I hope you have a great week- I am restocking my spaces today, but am looking forward to finally getting my fall projects underway and a makeover on our home office!
Last item on my to do list for 2013!!
Stay tuned!

xo Denise


  1. Oh my goodness--that doll house looks like it went to the perfect owner! Your booth looked great--what fun!

  2. the market looks amazing!!! and yay for the house! :)

  3. looks like a wonderful show, and the dollhouse is amazing, and it went to the perfect "home"!

  4. Love your booth! I see so many things that I just love! The dollhouse is so adorable, I remember when I was a child I had a tin one with miniature furniture....Wish I still had it....

  5. I love looking at shows, your space was gorgeous and I loved the whole circus theme of the show!!


  6. ohmy, the photographs of your booth are so inspiring, gorgeous! love to have a look at all the photos and will come back just to enjoy! Heidix


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