new window boxes for curb appeal

Sorry for the hiatus, we have been having so much fun camping and getting projects done around here!

I meant to have an InstaFriday post last week, but had too much going on.

I guess that's a good thing!

We missed church yesterday because Jon woke up not feeling well, so I took advantage of the time and got busy on several furniture projects and a long awaited 2013 to do list item.

I have been wanting a flower box under the window above garage the for a long time. 
Last fall, I picked up a cedar box was the largest one in the bunch- (4 feet) and a great deal, so I brought it home.

I was so excited to have the first leg of this project started!

Saturday, Jon said he'd be up for getting it installed, so I got busy with rounding up paint and some decorative corbels.

Let me just shorten this story by saying by the time it was installed and Jon came down to look, he hated it.  
I was excited to have my window box up, but then felt a little paranoid over Jon's reaction that maybe it really wasn't looking that awesome.

The box was a bit puny for the size of the window.

After googling "window boxes" and seeing all the photos, 
(hmmm....shoulda done that back in the beginning maybe??)
I realized we really needed something much longer. 

So we scrapped plan #1, and I ran down to Home Depot to salvage my project.

After about an hour of playing around with plants and boxes, I rounded up my supplies and we got busy before we lost day light!

I purchased two 36"cedar boxes.
I found these brackets that cradle the boxes.

Home Depot didn't have these available at their online site, but this is what I picked up in store.

After attempt #1, we quickly discovered this was a pretty challenging installation because of the location.
There's not much roof to stand on outside, so this was all done inside Hannah's bedroom!

{Attempt #2:  simple is best- especially when you have a helper who is already frustrated after attempt #1}

Summer flowers were already gone, so I got an early jump on some fall color.

We measured the length of the window, marked out the halfway point, and then installed the brackets to the siding.  We measured about 7" in on each box so there would be even placement.

They went in really easily, and also had metal tabs that additionally fold over and hold the boxes from the top.

I added in the flowers and dirt, and now we have an addition to our house that offers great curb appeal!

Even though the first box was painted, I left these in the natural cedar- for now.

The look ties into our front porch, so I'll sit on it and see how we like it.
I may end up painting it down the road, but I'm glad to have it installed!!

Next spring, I'm hoping I can get a drip line system installed up here so I don't have to go through Hannah's room every day to water.

With fall approaching, I'm sure we'll have enough rain to do the job for me for a while.

Check another item off the project list for 2013!!

I'm so ready to tackle our hallway and office makeover.
Both will be done as soon as I can get to them.

I may even start the hallway project this week....

See you soon!
xo Denise

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  1. This looks great, and well worth the extra visit to the store. The fall colours look great and I love the grasses. Hope Jon soon feels better x

  2. Oh yes, the longer box works so much better. It looks fabulous with all your pretty flowers to. Now you have a black window box left over for another project:-)

  3. love the look and the match to the front porch. don't projects always seem to take way longer in real life than you saw in your head? mine do....and my husband always laughs at me when i get frustrated. :)

  4. These look beautiful! And of course, the mums are my favorite flower, so they look especially pretty! We have this on our "to do" list also....!

  5. It looks great. I love window boxes and a drip system would be wonderful - xo Diana

  6. Yep - longer is better. And look at those fall flowers you put in! Is it THAT time already?? Love it.

  7. Looks outstanding Denise! I luv my window boxes...adds so much charm to a house.



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