French cottage buffet

This beautiful buffet was originally mistaken for a funky desk.

When I found it, it was sitting on it's side and I was trying to figure out what all the compartments were for.
Then I realized it was just sitting the wrong way, and it was actually very pretty!

Although it was extremely scratched up, I knew it would be gorgeous in a new painted finish. 
Bonus: pretty much all the hardware was still in tact, and no major repairs were needed!

Then, the real adventure began.  
I was on a buying trip with my sister in law and both our kids, and we already had a few items in her SUV.
We thought we could fit this in the back....
Between the two of us trying to shove it in every which way and a nice older man who desperately wanted to try and help, we barely squeezed it in.  
It was comical to watch, for sure.

Where there's a will, there's a way!

I painted the whole piece in Annie Sloan's Old White, and heavily distressed all the edges.
The finish is in clear and dark wax.

I decided to add a fun bit of color to the interiors of the cabinets.
AS Louis Blue- which is why I am naming this piece the French Cottage Buffet.
Charming, stately, with a pretty French blue surprise.

I've been adding some fun pieces to my living room and updating a few items.
This basket and the clock face are new additions, and I borrowed them for the photo shoot with the buffet.
I've had the clock face for awhile, but I added in the little vintage bell and ribbon this week.

I've picked up some really great pieces this week.
If you follow me on Instagram, you already got some sneak peeks on a few of those items.

One of them was this beautiful entomology frame.
I'd like to start a small butterfly collection for the living room, so I was pretty excited to have found this one to start with.

I'm also totally crushing on these footed silver trays.  
I've seen them a few different places in decor, and think they are so much statelier than flat trays.
I found this one on the same trip as the buffet, and it's a keeper.

As for the pears...
I'm already stocking my space at Aunt Bee's and Bella Hill with fall items
{just a little}
and needed some good fall color fillers.

These beauties are from the Dollar Store!
I love having real greens in my booths, but some items just don't keep well.
Like food.
So I keep my eyes peeled for nice looking faux versions.

Thanks for letting me show you my latest creation!
I'm totally in love with this one, and if I could swap it for something in my house, I would in a heartbeat!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful piece Denise and I'm also lovin' footed trays.


    1. thanks Linda! :) I really gotta keep looking for more of those trays- it may be my new obsession! ;)

  2. That buffet looks beautiful! You sure did a great job finishing it...I love the bit of color on the interior :)

  3. Lovely buffet. I have a chippendale one that actually looks very similar--I caught a lot of grief about painting it white but I love it! You did a great job :)

    1. I'm sure yours looks great in it's new color. I love natural wood on some items too, but this one was definitely a candidate for paint with all the surface issues. And hey, if it's yours, you can do what YOU like to it, right? Enjoy it!

  4. I love this. I also love the color inside

  5. It's beautiful, Denise! Love the colors ~ inside and out! Love your basket with the clock face, too.

    1. thanks Kathy! I'm loving that basket too- trying to add more 'warmth' in our living room right now with all the white, and it definitely does the trick.

  6. if i lived closer, this one would be mine. i love it, denise. great work.

    1. ha ha! Sarah, if you lived close by, I think you'd clean me out! :) thank you !!

  7. gorgeous piece!!! love the shape! and the finish is perfect.

  8. This is a great piece and I love the vignette. That basket is so charming!!


  9. Just beautiful Denise! Perfectly charming in white and the blue inside is a nice surprise! Love the styling too!

    1. Thank you Sharon! :) Such a compliment from you as well!!

  10. That's so pretty! I love a piece of furniture like that to store more things in. The way you suspended the clock face is adorable too.

  11. Such a pretty buffet! I love the pop of color on the inside!

  12. Just thought you might like to were featured today on my blog! :-) Thanks so much for sharing at The Scoop!...hugs...Debbie


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