Art Deco armoire- updated for today

I'll be completely honest. 

Art Deco isn't my thing.  

I'm not a fan of this style of furniture as a whole, but every once in a while I see a piece that I can get along with.

I found this armoire almost a year ago (!) and bought it for a good price.  
It needed a couple repairs, but I thought, "what the heck, I'll pop it into my booth as is, and see what happens."

Well, nothing happened.

I could tell people were checking it out when I would check on my space, but I think one thing that really scared people off was a cutout hole in the back of it.

Which is funny, because if you're planning on using it for clothing, it would be pretty well hidden with the clothes, right?
And, if you wanted to use it the same way the previous owners used it, you already have a media outlet.

But that's just me.
I can look past stuff like this and use it, or fix it.

Also, it was the rare piece of furniture that I didn't paint.
All you wood lovers- you had your chance....

So once I decided to bring it home and fix the back, add a decorative foot on the front,

...and paint it- the new dilemma was what color?

I've seen a few Art Deco pieces painted, but I wanted to update it in a way that wouldn't make it look like Louise Brooks in a clown get up.
You know what I'm saying?
Elegant and updated.

So I messaged Kristen and asked her thoughts on color combos.
I went with her suggestion, and I love the result!

 These were all taken with my phone- I had a big hole in my space when I got back from a weekend trip, so no time to stage at home....
That's a good problem to have!

I used Annie Sloan's Old White, and French Linen.
Clear wax, and just a hint of dark wax in a few key spots.

Did I already say I love the result?
I think it's a nice update to an Art Deco piece, and the original lines and new colors make it a great fit for a variety of home styles.

I left the original hardware on, and jazzed it up a tiny bit with some Antique Gold Rub N Buff.

My dad was kind enough to do the repairs on it for me.  
He added in a back for the hole, and did an incredible job fixing the decorative foot on one side.

You could almost say he's my first sub contractor.

Anyway, I hope I did this piece justice.  
And I hope you will give Art Deco a second look, if you haven't been a fan in the past.
White and gray are a great combo for almost any piece- and I think this is proof.

xo Denise

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  1. Oh it looks soo beautiful now. You did such a great job.


  2. LOVE the two toned look on this! saw on insta and loved! :)

  3. You gave this piece a beautiful facelift Denise! I love the color combination. I bet it sells quickly this time around!

  4. I bet it sells now! Wonderful makeover!

  5. I have always loved 1930s pieces...I know not many people do, but they have always been my favorites to redo. I think your color choices were spot on! The touch of grey makes it very fanciful and elegant. I would buy it from your booth for sure! Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! I know Art Deco definitely has some fans, I'm just slow to warm up to it ;)

  6. Love the color combo...It would have been hard for me to paint but the results clearly say, it was the right thing to do!!

    1. Thanks Denise! I wasn't sure either, which is why it took me so long to consider painting / color....but I really like it too!

  7. I already see it heading out the door!!


  8. I enjoy the Art Deco look sometimes--this turned out beautifully! The colors are unexpected and I think it looks fantastic!

  9. Superb blog. I love the almirah. I am really very crazy for antique material for decorating home.


  10. I'm usually not OK with painting but you gave this old piece a well needed uplift and a new life. Good job!

    Sami from Pontifical.s Porch


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