my love of aqua- decor updates

Ok, so I have a confession.  

I love to look at real estate listings. 
... shocking, isn't it?

I guess it's always in me to see if the grass is greener somewhere else.  

After looking through some listings yesterday, 
I came to the conclusion that I really, really, really love our house.

Love our neighbors.

Love how we are investing in our home, and content with staying put.

The more we put into our home, the more it feels like those last moments before you drift off to sleep at night - when your body just relaxes completely.
Relaxed, happy, content.
That's how our home is feeling.

Aqua is one of my favorite happy colors.  
Always has been, even before it was a design trend.

After bringing home this awesome vintage desk for our wine bar, I decided there was too much black creeping into the kitchen and nook area. 

I love black.  It's also one of my favorite colors.  
But I like bright and light, so I decided to update our barstools with a color, and nix the former black.

This is a custom blend of Annie Sloan's Provence and Old White.
(I'm using it a lot these days, huh?)

I also thought it would be fun to add my favorite new symbol trend, the cross.
I stenciled it on to the seat and painted it with some white craft paint.  Then I sanded it a bit and waxed the bar stools.

Love the additional pop of color in here now!

In addition to the bar stool change, I had an unexpected infatuation yesterday.
I had a major itch to go to one of my favorite thrift shops, so Hannah and I did a little shopping.

I came home with a gorgeous antique mirror
(and went a little Instagram crazy)
and tried to update it yesterday afternoon in time to take it to Aunt Bee's House before closing.

After getting it ready for it's photo shoot:

{I know those of you who are sticklers for mantel composition are saying, "the mirror's too low".  Yeah.  This was only for a temporary photo shoot.  If it stays with me, it will be getting a lift on the mantel.  ;)  }

I kinda fell in love.
We've always had my dad's painting up here, and I LOVE it.
But this mirror seemed to bring in the right mix of vintage in our family room.
I like having a blend of contemporary and vintage in here, but it was feeling more contemporary than vintage.  
I've also been adding more aqua in here with some new pillows...

And the mirror just seemed to say,
 I want to stay put!  Don't sell me!
You'll never find anything like me again!

The color is off in this photo - it's actually the exact same color I used on our barstools, but it's one of those photography things I'm still trying to get a handle on.
Anyway, check out the gorgeous patina on the glass.
I mean, people are trying to achieve this look all the time by artificial means, and this one has it!

My heart strings are saying it will stay, and I can move my dad's painting to our living room hopefully in a spot I'm eyeing.  Either way, it's not going anywhere.  
We love it, and will find a new place of honor for it.

Even though I love my aqua, I still love having pops of pink around. 
 I'm so glad Jon is ok with that!

My heart is full of happiness here.
I love making everything about home a joy for us to be a part of everyday.
As I mentioned the other day, today is our 21st anniversary!

We're planning on staying in tonight and celebrating over the weekend.
But I am going to make a special blueberry lemon tart for us to enjoy this evening. 
If it turns out well, I'll share it with you soon!

Find joy in your home today!


  1. The new color on the mirror is dreamy--let us know when you find a new wall for the painting!

  2. I have those same stools in black and now I'm thinking they need a change too! Love the cross you added!

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. I have the same addiction, looking at real estate. But I too never find anything better than home. Also, vacations are nice but I always can't wait to get home. Love your decorating.

  4. Love the barstools painted aqua and I don't blame you one bit for hanging on to that mirror! Love the patina of it!

  5. The mirror is wonderful - you should definitely keep it.

    Would you be willing to share the wall paint color in your kitchen? It looks so pretty and fresh!

  6. I love all the touches of aqua. The stools look great, and the mirror is beautiful.
    Faye @ The Shabby Cottage Home

  7. Love your message, and confess that I feel absolutely the same way about our home. I also confess to an obsession for turquoise (in many shades), and like you, it was an obsession before it was a trend. I wore it a lot before I started decorating with it. Your mirror is lovely and looks perfectly at home on your mantel!

  8. Newest follower! Your home is beautiful. I will definitely be back for inspiration in vamping up my little apartment. You are so talented:) Love your bar stools.


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