French Provincial and some anniversaries

We have been moving at a leisurely pace here at home.  

Last summer we enjoyed summer as much as possible, but I always felt a bit torn one way or the other.  If I was working, I felt like I should be doing more with Hannah or Jon, (or both).  
If I was playing, I felt like a slacker.

This summer, I am enjoying both, and not worrying about what I am missing.
Trying to enjoy each moment for what it is, and my focus is primarily on family.
I made over this French Provincial dresser with an updated fresh look.  
These are typically a yellow-y cream with spray painted gold accents.

I updated it with a brighter cream, (Annie Sloan's Old White) and then accented the drawers with Country Gray.  
I also accented and deepened the tone of the beige with some dark and clear wax.

The handles were just gorgeous, so I dry brushed the brass just a bit with Old White, and then buffed it with clear wax.  
Buffing it allowed some of the brass to come through again, and that's exactly what I wanted.

So simple, and so pretty.  Usually when I find these dressers, they are super beat up.  
Not this one.  
Perfect condition, which was so nice!
I paid for that perfection {more than what I typically like to} but these always sell so well, I wasn't too worried about it.

There's also a couple anniversaries for me during the month of July.
One slipped by without much hurrah.

My 3 year blogging anniversary.
It has gone so fast!!

I didn't make a big to-do about it this year because honestly, I was so busy, I didn't have much time to make a big to-do, and it came with the sort of feeling that my 41st birthday had.

 Just some inner reflection.
I guess it's that kind of year.

So many of my furniture makeover reveal photos have taken place right here:

It's the best spot in my house for natural light, and this is pretty much what it looks like as I photograph the piece.  
A lot of stuff waiting in the wings to be put back, the door wide open to allow more light in 
(I'm sure the neighbors think I'm bonkers...), and a husband who willingly helps me move it from the garage, to the staging spot, and back to the garage.  

All through that front door.

He's pretty awesome.  
And it's crazy to think that in a couple days we will be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary!
I feel so blessed and happy to have a relationship with a man that I love dearly, who I'd rather spend my day with than anyone else, and who knows all my good and bad points and loves me anyway.

His support of the things that make me happy in life (like blogging, and my business) isn't taken for granted.  He is more than I ever hoped for.

We'll spend it doing what we typically love to do on our anniversary- driving through some scenic backroads to a vineyard, and toasting another year together.

As for the blog anniversary- like I said, just a lot of inner reflection.  
Planning and goals going on in my head.  
It's a lot like my birthday this year- finally finding a rhythm and a style that is my own. 

Still wanting more quality over quantity when it comes to posting here.
Hoping to continue to improve my photography (a new lens is in my future),
and some ideas on achieving the next steps.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  
I should do a post on the 'then' and 'now' look of this blog!

That might be a little scary though.


  1. Happy Anniversary on both fronts, Denise! : ) Love this little dresser. Chests this size are just perfect for anywhere in a home. I had one in our old house in our foyer and had one drawer to hold hats, gloves and scarves. A great multi-functional piece.

  2. Lovely job on the dresser! Happy Anniversary as well!

  3. gorgeous dresser, and happy anniversaries! :)

  4. Your furniture redesigns are always so fresh! Love it with the bread bowl.

  5. Hello Denise,
    Happy Anniversary on both of them! That's a great pic of you and your hubs (our anniversary is on the 27th...hope we have time to celebrate). Beautiful makeover and yes...these dressers do go fast.


  6. I love the photo of you and your husband. Congratulations on 21 years! I also love the work you did on the dresser.

  7. Happy anniversary! Three years is great and Happy Ann. to you and your husband! Love what you did with this piece, it is so very pretty!



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