chalkboard wine labels

 When I was a kid growing up in the 1970's, there we had
 metal art pieces decorating the walls of our home.  

Butterflies, leaves, ships....
we didn't have all of those in our house, but I can recall some butterflies and some similar wall art in our friend's homes of that era.

Now, you can find a lot of these beauties at thrift shops.
I love summer.  So much.

So don't let this post fool you into thinking that I am waiting on pins and needles for fall to arrive!
I would love summer to go on forever.

But when I get that first Pottery Barn catalog in the mail with all the new fall product, I start to think of wine tasting parties.

That's where the funky leaves come in.
I saw this photo:

...and remembered seeing some metal leaves at the GW earlier in the day.

So I drove clear across town to {hopefully} nab that little baggie of metal pieces I'd seen, and left behind.

They were still there.

I trimmed off the back metal hooks with some wire cutters, and then added two coats of chalkboard paint to the leaves.

**One thing I will note- I painted all three leaves directly with the chalk board paint, and two of the three worked great with chalk.  One of them however, had the paint scraping off as I was writing.
You may want to coat the leaves first with a quick spray of primer for better adhesion.**

A little twine and glue around the leaf "stems" and we have a lovely new wine label for our upcoming fall get togethers.

 A small 4-5" piece of twine for your loop.

Simply knot around the loop and stem, and tie it off.
I looped the extra  length of twine around twice for a chunkier look.
So cute!
I plan on using these for our blind taste test party that we like to do every fall.  Instead of labeling the wine, I'll just put the number of each bottle on the leaf.

These would also be great as a gift tag for a bottle of wine.
Or propped up on a buffet as a marker for cheese or appetizers.

{Want to make your own wine bag?  Click here for a tutorial.
I'm warning you though-  the photography is horrendous....}

And you know what else was great about that second trip to the GW?
Finding this cute jacket.

Half off.
I think I have this same brand of clothing that I've purchased from Nordstrom in the past.  

Thanks Pottery Barn.
You always inspire me.


  1. Those are really cute, Denise. I love Nordstrom's clothing. That jacket was quite a find- xo Diana

  2. we do the same thing...look through the pb catalog, and either we say, "oh, we did that already" or "we have to do that"
    inspiration for sure. i tear out pages of their catalog just like you would out of any of the home decor mags.

  3. Cute, cute, cute. I'm pretty sure we had more than one set of butterflies in our house when I was little. LOL.

  4. I doubt that I will find any metal leaves at my local GW but these are so cute I am trying figure out what other types of leaves I can paint with chalk paint. Super cute idea.


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