strawberry farm

Each school year, as it comes to a close, I feel a mixture of nausea, panic, and pride.
Because each year, I realize what little time I have left with Hannah.  
She is growing up faster and faster, and before I know it, she will have her own life and family. 

So I try to make moments that are fun, memorable and teachable.

I realized she had never picked strawberries.
When I was growing up, that was one of the best ways {as a kid} to make money before you could get a 'real' job.
Plus, seeing the rows of berries, being in the fresh air, and taking home the little beauties and making fresh jam is an experience in itself.
It shows you where your food is coming from.

We drove 20 minutes down the road- past vineyards, and a cheese making dairy.

I love this little farm.
Daum's Produce is a little treasure just a short drive from our house.

We spent about an hour picking berries, enjoying the beautiful views.

We came home and ate a few for lunch.
And made freezer jam.

We also plan on making fresh homemade strawberry lemonade and strawberry ice cream later today.
You can see our favorite recipe here.

It's good to slow down and enjoy the simple things.
Have you been enjoying strawberry season?


  1. Lovely photos, Denise! Sounds like a perfect day to me! I need to plan more outings like this with my kiddos! Thanks for the idea! Happy Summer Vacation, Hannah!

  2. What a beautiful farm and the freezer jam looks so delicious!

  3. Great photo's.
    It sounds like you both had a great time.

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  5. What a place - the perfect location to make a lot of early summertime memories! That jam looks scrumptious! I have the makings for blueberry Jam at home right now - can't wait to get it stirred together and into jars tonight!

  6. What a fantastic tradition and it must have been great growing up doing this! I would have loved it. The strawberries are so red they look delicious. I'm a strawberry person. The lemonade and jam are great! Enjoy!


  7. Chantel has been begging me to go strawberry picking--Oregon berries fresh out of the field are the best! I have to check if they are still going---lovely pictures!

  8. Hi Denise, As a child my mom and I would go every year to pick strawberries. Great memories!

  9. that looks like such a pretty place! we have been picking some strawberries from our garden, but I would like to go to a farm to pick too. i think we'll pick blueberries also this summer. sounds like you both had a wonderfully sweet day!


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