laundry room update- chalk painted cabinets

Anytime I take on a room makeover it seems like everything takes a back burner, including my blog!!
I don't like it, but it's how I operate. 
 I go crazy otherwise.

Summer break is officially in full swing, and my girl is home now.  
I love summer break.  
I know a lot of parents dread it because of the fighting, boredom, etc., but I cherish each and every moment with her. 
Plus, one of the perks of having an only child is that I don't have to deal with sibling fights!  :)

Anyway, that is one area that doesn't take a back burner.
Like our annual kick off to summer, mom / daughter shopping day last week.

And today.  
Strawberry picking and jam making.
Can't wait!

So here's what I've been up to since I last posted.

Painting and painting and painting.
Did I mention I've been painting?

Ugh.  I mean, I love to paint!
But cabinetry....I think this may be my last rodeo.  It's not hard.  
It's just so laborious.
Kind of like the "Groundhog Day" of painting.  
Same thing, different day.

I painted the cabinets with Annie Sloan's Pure White.  
I distressed them slightly- the same way I would do my furniture.  
I really love how they turned out!  
Just a tad different than the kitchen, which doesn't have any distressing.

Things area starting to come together.
I still have to finish off the shelf above the washer and dryer.
The baskets need to be purchased for the new open shelving.

Once I took the curtain off the window, I really liked the clean, open feel.  
The paint obviously makes everything brighter, but I think keeping it simple is also a plus.
I'm going to add a couple more plants to the window and call it good.

We spotted this cute little step stool at Ikea a couple months ago, and I finally picked it up!
It folds for storage, and it will be super handy for the higher shelves in both the laundry room and the kitchen- which is next to the laundry room. 
It was a light color wood; I painted it in Annie Sloan's Provence.  

I am waiting for some fun stuff to arrive in the mail this week to finish off the space.  
Including, these beautiful vintage linens for the skirt under the sink.

via Jane's Vintage Too

I purchased them on Etsy from Jane's Vintage Too.
I was originally going to use ticking stripe, but the blue stripe I purchased was too yellow and clashed with the rug. 
Can't wait to see these!

via Attic Antics

I also purchased one of these French enamel number plates!
I wanted to dress up the cabinet panel under the utility sink, and I loved the graphic look, as well as the blue edge on them.
These are from my friend Alex of Attic Antics.  She has the most gorgeous European imports.
If you follow my FB page, you also know it's where I purchased my mom's mother's day gift.

I also have some new hardware arriving this week for the cabinet doors, and I'm excited to show those in the reveal as well.

My whole house feels like it's in upheaval mode.  
Probably because it is.
The office, my studio, the living room, and laundry room are all in some state of makeover.
I have some other things in the works on the business side, so you can kinda see why it's taking me so long to post these days!

More updates soon, and I hope to show you the reveal at the end of the week!


  1. Wow ~ looks awesome! Can't wait to see the reveal!!

  2. The cabinets look great painted white...I so need to paint my laundry room cabinets but that room is way down on my to-do list.


  3. They look great, Denise! I love the light you are getting in here from the window. You've got lots of nice room in here. Our laundry area also houses the door to the garage and then, just beyond the laundry area, is my craft/sewing room. {It's kind of like a wide hallway}.

  4. Loving it!! Would love for you to share at my {Work it Wednesday} Link Party!!


  5. It looks fantastic! I am loving that step ladder--another reason to make a trip to Ikea. It looks great painted!

  6. It's really coming along beautifully, Denise! We're renovating our entire house...every room...and I'm looking forward to living in less disarray, too! Keep the blogs coming!

  7. Love it!! My daughter found a little step latter just like that and painted it the same color!! Great minds think alike. She put numbers on the steps too. 1,2,3.
    I love the little enameled numbers too!

  8. Your laundry room looks so great and what fantastic light you get in there. I find cabinets a chore too and I liked your reference to Groundhog Day!! The linens for under the sink are very pretty. Enjoy that time with your daughter!!



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