laundry room makeover- day 1- the ugly duckling photos

I realize we have a pretty nice laundry room to begin with, compared to what some have to work with.

That said, I'm grateful for lots of storage, new-ish tile, an indoor space to work in, and natural light.

What I don't like are the colors chosen by the builder.
Poopy tan walls.
Wood cabinets (again, not a flaw, I just love white cabinets)
Tile that would definitely not be my choice if I was shopping.

So, I'm giving the laundry room a mini makeover to make it closer to what I like.  
Paint, cute accessories, and organization / functionality.

These are not the pretty photos, but the "in progress" shots! 
Today was all about brightening up the walls and ceiling.
I've added little notes in the photos so you can see where things will be headed.

I was going to do lots of shabby chic pastels in here originally, but I decided to work around my ironing board cover that I got from West Elm.  

It was featured in Country Living magazine, and I fell in love with it. 
 I mentioned it on Instagram, and Kenesha was super kind in picking one up and shipping it to me since we don't have a West Elm close by.  
Thank you!!!!

Now I'm going with warm and white with blue accents.
The cabinets are going to be painted white....I think.
I'm still going to see how everything comes together before I tackle that project again.
This time- if I do- I'm going to use Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Pure White.  
New knobs for sure.

Right now, everything is a sloppy mess in here.  
Between paint supplies around the sink, laundry, and paperwork- everything needs a healthy dose of organization.  Removing the clutter and giving everything a space to go.

Yeah, the lamp wire?  
We have a solution for that, and it will be much less visible very soon!

The curtain in here is really fading, so I decided to say goodbye to that color scheme.  
I really like it, but I think Jon will also be glad not to have a girly laundry area.
Also, it's always a bit creepy at night wondering how much our neighbors see in to this room.  

We really need a drying rack in here- right now, the knobs on the cabinets serve that purpose on most days... or the nook chairs!
I'm also going to remove the lower doors under the sink and add a ticking stripe curtain.  Most likely, all my paint supplies will go below.

Today was paint day.  
All the walls and ceiling got a coat of Behr's paint + primer.  I chose Navajo White- a Benjamin Moore color.  
It's the same color we have in our master bedroom and bath, and is a great creamy white.

You can already see how much brighter the space is!

Tomorrow will be a second coat of paint, and then I guess I need to decide if I'm painting cabinets or not.
This is all sandwiched in to the last day of school for the kiddo, so it will be kinda crazy!
Check back soon for more updates!

You can also check out my Ideabook at Houzz for more great farmhouse laundry ideas!
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See you soon!


  1. I have a fabulous laundry room too compared to many, but would also like to paint, and update my cabinets. Just not in the mood to do it right now. Hopefully, before too long! Looking forward to seeing your reveal!

  2. It looks fabulous. I love the color you chose..I say let the cabinets sit with it a bit and see if you like it. The paint made the cabinets look brand new... HUGS

  3. I would be tempted to paint them too, but they are lovely just like they are. It will be fun to see what you come up with :)

    xo, Tanya

  4. Paint the cabinets :) It will be fabulous.

  5. I'm so envious! I do my laundry in the garage and I can't stand it! I noticed the that the Ikea lamp that I saw last weekend and fell head over heels in love with? My first trip to Ikea...ahhh....

  6. I am sure that whatever you do will be lovely. I really love that ironing board cover. We don't have a West Elm anywhere near us. Is it available online? I will be checking that out for sure.


  7. Cant wait to see it all completed Denise! I know it will be wonderful. I redid our laundry room back at the beginning of the year and it is still one of my most favorite spots in the house.

  8. So far so good! I love that Ikea lampshade. I might have to breakdown and get one!

  9. The walls look so crisp now paint those cabinets. I need to do the same maybe you will be my inspiration.
    Thanks Kathy


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