black vintage desk, estate sale mojo, and a thank you

I don't know why, but I just have not been feeling the garage / estate sale season this year.

I've only gone to a few- maybe I was scarred from my first sale of the season...?!

I love hunting for treasures. 
I get excited about finding the hidden gem.

But, what I don't like is the crazy mentality some people get at these sales. 
My first estate sale of the year started out with too much drama.

It was a whole-house estate sale in a prime neighborhood.  
Lots of good stuff, as previewed online prior to the sale day.

A posted sign up sheet the day before 
(which I always hate - it just fuels some folks frantic, competitive nature...)
Upon arrival on opening day, a line a mile long, cars everywhere, and guess what?
cue the dramatic music....
someone STOLE the sign up sheet!!

You'd think we were in a food rationing line with all of the huffing and puffing, crossing of arms, rolling of eyes and customers breaking out their pitchforks in a rabid nature.

Seriously people.  It's just stuff.

I enjoy sales where I can walk around, look, pick what I like, without all the competitive wackos.

Like the one I went to over the weekend.
Where I found this gem:

A vintage, black, solid oak desk.
I didn't do a thing to it but move it in the house!

I really, really, really wanted it as an entry table, but it was too deep for the spot, so we moved it around to a few different places and settled on it here.

Tongue and groove top.

Authentic pull.

Nice big drawer to hold bar accessories.

And a sweet shelf underneath for my lidded basket.

Don't worry- I didn't ditch the recently updated cabinet.

It's now in the living room, and fits in beautifully.

More rearranging in the living room as a result!
Just playing around with different vignettes.

With the black desk, I now need to lighten up a bit more in the kitchen / nook area- the black chairs and barstools are making things a bit heavy, so the barstools are getting a fresh update.

Lots of fun other items, which will be added to my Etsy shop soon and Aunt Bee's House.

It was a really fun sale.

I might have my mojo back!

 I also wanted to mention a quick thank you~
You may have noticed something new in my sidebar- the Friends of Pfister participating blogger badge.

They are my newest partner, and last week Friends of Pfister featured me on their blog and Facebook page!

The blog has a nice little write up on what I do here, and the Facebook post was one of my favorite furniture pieces.

You can read the interview by clicking here.

Thanks so much for the feature Pfister!
You can check out their site and their Facebook page as well!


  1. Preciosos espacios.

  2. Hi!!!!

    I too love Estate sales, but, I hate the rudeness of the people!!

    I love your "new" little black desk!! I love the way you put it all together!! The basket is a great touch and it being a lighter, makes it pop out.

    Have a great week!!


  3. Hello Denise,
    I know what you mean about the rude the past I saw a lot of this...but I am lucky that I haven't seen it here in the past few years. The desk was an awesome find...congrats on scoring it!


  4. I would say I have to agree with you about sales. People do act like they are waiting on a bread rationing line. I don't get it and never will. Love what you did find though. Can't wait to see what you do with the stools.


  5. Great find! I would have gotten my mojo back ,too!

    We also went to an estate sale this weekend...where the siblings were fighting over the prices. I had to leave!

    Hop on over and enter my 5th anniversary giveaway, deadline is Friday! Win a 25.00 gift!

  6. It's so much fun to rearrange furniture for a fresh new look. Love that old desk and the fact that you didn't have to do anything to it.


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