vintage summer bunting

Well, I had all kinds of grand plans to do a couple more posts last week, and it ended up getting kinda crazy by the end of the week.

A big piece from my booth sold, so I had to scramble to get something in it's place- it was holding all of the Harmony Farm candles I sell, and everything I have waiting in the wings at home didn't fit the bill.
A "free" afternoon turned into a junk hunt.

And then, a 1-2 hour morning of re-shuffling my booth turned into an all day re-set!
Throw Mother's Day festivities into the weekend mix....well, I guess you get the idea of my absence!
It's all good.

Today was a productive work day at home.  
I've also had a few things leaving my Etsy shop, and it was time to get some fresh goods in there.

This fun summer bunting was something I made out of a sentimental piece.
 It was my first vintage tablecloth I ever purchased.

I bought it on Ebay several years ago.  
It had a couple small holes in it when I purchased it, and even with careful washing, it eventually started to disintegrate.

Before it got too shabby, I used it in a table decorating contest that our state fair puts on every year in the Home Economics building.  
It's one of my favorite exhibits to check out every year, and I'd always had visions of what I'd do if I ever entered.
Well, one year I finally did.

And looky what I brought home!
I have photos {somewhere} of the table setting, but I have no idea where they are at the moment.

These are hanging in my studio, as a reminder that if you want to do something, you just have to do your best and go for it.
(You can even see my entry tag to the left there...)

(pssst- the secret to winning at the Oregon State Fair?  
They are very particular about correct placement, practicality, and use of your theme....)  

It was a cute table, nothing super fancy. 
The tough part is that they only allow you to use a 3 foot table.
Kinda tough to do much with a tiny table setting, but I made it work!

The majority of the fabric was still vibrant and in good shape, there was just a section near the middle that was no good, so here's the new, repurposed look!

I love it.  So fun and cheery.
Even though it's not a traditional Fourth of July theme, I like the red, white and blue in the colors, and think it would be fun for an Independence Day picnic.

I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day weekend- we sure did!
I got something for my mom that she was not expecting, and I loved her reaction.
I may post some photos on my Facebook page here in a bit- hopefully I won't embarrass her!

My hubby and girly took me to my favorite nursery and I got to shop for some flowers.
They bought me a lemon tree.
I also picked out a beautiful peony with some birthday money I had.

Hoping you all enjoyed your weekend, and if you are interested in purchasing the bunting seen here, I have it listed in my Etsy shop!  
Limited quantities available!

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  1. Very pretty, Denise! I just passed up two small tablecloths I saw at an estate sale last week that were very much like this. I probably should have bought them. One had a stain, but I probably could have used the rest of it for something else.

  2. Denise,
    Thanks for sharing at my have given me an idea...I have a few old tablecloths that I could use to copy you:)


  3. I love the banner. I make bags out of my vintage tablecloths and made some banners as well last year. Yours are right up my alley. Di@Cottage-wishes

  4. The redesign of the tablecloth looks great - it actually has more of a traditional Americana look, which would work really well for Independence Day.

  5. I always enjoy the table settings at the fair--good for you for getting a ribbon :) Your banner is really cute!

  6. Wonderful use of a not-so-perfect vintage piece. I always struggle with what to do with my vintage tablecloths that have small holes or stains. I'll definitely file this idea away for future reference. And, I'm sharing your lovely creation on my Once Upon a Firefly FB page.


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