Memorial Day

Yesterday, we went as a family to visit Jon's grandpa's gravesite at Willamette National Cemetery.

We had not been up there since the memorial service several years ago.

It was pretty incredible and humbling to see all the flags over each service person's gravesite.

Jon's grandpa served as a chaplain in the military, and was such an incredible man.  
It is really special to still hear people talk about what he meant to them.

We've started a tradition of watching Band of Brothers and The Pacific when this time of year comes around.  
It really makes you stop and think about what these men and women went through, as the real people who are portrayed in the story are interviewed- years later- still so full of emotion over the events they went through.

People like Jon's grandpa- and like my step-grandpa Jack, who was in the navy in Hawaii when it was bombed.

I have so much respect for our military personnel.  
The sacrifices they give of their lives, their time away from family, and to our country.

Blessings to you today.

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