French Blue for a simple update

Sunday was a rare day for me.  
I had a few hours to myself.
Jon was fishing, and Hannah was at a sleepover.  

Bella and I snuggled on the couch for a little bit-  I enjoyed my coffee and watched the CBS morning show, and looked through my recent Pottery Barn catalog.

I don't know if it was the caffeine, or the home decor inspiration, but I got on a roll.
I had been wanting to update this vintage cabinet for awhile, and I finally broke out my paintbrush and refreshed the insets on the doors.

Originally when I bought the cabinet, it was just as you see it- in white; but the insets were brown. 
I used some cream paint, but it ended up looking more yellow the longer I lived with it.

Louis Blue from Annie Sloan seemed to be a perfect fit to the other colors in our house.

I also switched out the knobs on the doors.
I replaced the green ones with clear to go with the crystal chandelier on the table top.

I've also been slowly adding to my little silver collection on the vintage shelf.

I also wanted to add some other depth to the silver, so I've recently added in the vintage slate and the curved etched mirror at the top.

My goal is to have a nice, eclectic mix of interesting / monogrammed pieces.

The paintbrush has been touching up some of the other furniture in here since the weekend, but I'll reveal those later.
I had a major fail on one piece, so it's got to be redone before the photos.

What's been your itch to scratch?
Any 'just for me' projects at your home?

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  1. hey Denise! what an adorable cabinet! love the choice of blue for the drawers and insets. sometimes we need just a minute of quiet time to recharge our creative batteries. looks great!

  2. That is so stinkin cute! I love what you did with that cabinet! I am seeing that pattern on floors and walls it is so hot right now. Great job. Enjoy your creation!

  3. I understand completely about finally just picking up a brush and painting something I planned to do for ages. Once I do it I ask myself what took me so long.

    I love the design of the cabinet and the blue just pops with the white.

  4. I love the blue! I have been itching to paint--but it always seems like I need to clean the kitchen, do the laundry...I think I might just let it go for a day or two and do some painting :) Enjoyed your post!

  5. Wow Denise, it sounds like a lovely Sunday morning! I love the blue on your pretty cabinet. When inspiration strikes we must act!

    Have a beautiful Memorial day weekend.
    Linda At The French Hens Nest

  6. Denise, I love the cabinet so vintage and pretty. Love the color you chose. That chandelier sitting on the corner is so charming! The silver pieces displayed are beautiful. Stop by for a visit, I would love it! Have a great weekend.


  7. Hello Denise,
    Such a darling little cabinet...the added blue looks GREAT!!!


  8. Your cabinet looks great love the choice of the blue paint color.

  9. I love this cabinet with the blue! It's striking!


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