curvy black dresser

This curvy little dresser is the second one I've done in this style.  
My very first chalk paint project was a similar dresser.

It's stately and elegant all at the same time.  
That's why I love this style!

One thing I love about vintage furniture is the obvious history and age that is revealed in the finish.  
I'm sure some people wouldn't think twice to sand and buff out little crackles and chips and ripples in the original finish before painting.
Not me.

I like to high light it.
It's so much more interesting and romantic to see that kind of patina.

The first dresser I did like this one, I painted in a French blue.  
It took over a year to sell it- and that was after I painted over the blue to a gray. 
And then it sold in a week.

I'm learning that as a blogger, everyone loves the colorful pieces.  
But in my region where I sell furniture, everyone wants neutral.  
White, black, gray, cream, taupe- and the occasional aqua piece.

It gets a little boring for me, but I'm not doing it as a hobby or for my own house, so I have to remember what customers actually buy.

I decided to paint this one black because the claw feet seemed so traditional to this piece.
I used Black Suede by Behr and mixed in some Webster's Chalk Paint Powder.

A little distressing here and there and some pretty Anthropologie knobs for a little sparkle.

I also brought in some of my lavender roses that are starting to bloom.
I just love the color in them.  Dark pink when closed, then a vibrant lavender as they begin to open, and then a pretty pale tone when in full bloom.

I liked this dresser so much, I thought about keeping it and using it at home.  
But if I can't find any immediate use for furniture I like, then it is up for sale.

I was lucky however, to find another pair of French opera glasses.

I had a some for sale in my Etsy shop a few weeks ago and they sold quickly. 
 Of course, about the time I was thinking about holding on to them, they sold!
A couple weeks ago I came across this pair at a neighbor's yard sale.

Not everything gets to stay, but I'm glad I sometimes get a second chance at some of those amazing finds!


  1. The dresser turned out so beautiful! Being in the resale business also, I find it hard to part with some items. But I've learned I don't want my house to look like an antique store. Janice

  2. Great dresser, Denise! I love that shape, too. It also has great feet to it. I like it in the black. I think that the neutrals seem to sell better here, too. I've only had my booth two months, but I'm finding that pieces in black and colors like ASCP Old Ochre go quickly.

  3. The dresser looks great--I always love curvy pieces. Those opera glasses are awesome--so glad you got a second chance to own a pair!

  4. Gorgeous piece! I really love the way you left the crackly finish under the paint. That's exactly the look I'm trying to get on some newer pieces. Do you know of a fabulous crackle medium?

  5. What a beautiful and classic dresser Denise! You achieved such a beautiful finish! And I agree, some of the really unique pieces that are blog favorites, just don't sell in the real world!

  6. gorgeous! those curves are to die for and so sexy in black!

  7. Nicely done Denise!! It is gorgeous...If I make it to Portland this summer I plan on stopping by your shop! :) I've been painting everything white lately but like you I know it will sell.
    Have a great week!

  8. I'm so glad you said that about how the blogs everyone likes the colored pieces , I do too, but when we paint our furniture we go for the neutrals because that's what sells.
    We do ALOT of black, it's sells as much as our white and cream.
    Love the dresser. It looks very classically beautiful.
    Thanks, Faye

  9. Loving this dresser, love the curves and you did a fantastic job.


  10. Denise...that is a keeper ..OMGOODNESS love and the pics are fabulous sister ..

  11. Gorgeous! I really like how you left the wood showing around the edge. This one won't last long. I agree that it's much easier to sell neutral pieces.

  12. Denise,
    LUV that beautiful dresser...great style!!! Bright color furniture isn't selling well here too. Lucky you to find some more glasses:)


  13. LOVE this dresser. I think black is so classy! such great lines, love the curved drawers and the great matte finish!


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