salvage union jack for the living room

I know my salvage window frame isn't a Union Jack.  
But when I first spotted it in another vendor's booth at Aunt Bee's House, that is exactly what came to my mind.  
A shabby, wood, Union Jack.
I barely squeezed it into the back of my little car to bring home.

I briefly considered painting it in the pastel version of the flag, but I loved the patina on it too much to entertain that idea for very long.

I was a teeny bit sad to take down my DIY art, but I was ready for a change, and I've been wanting to add more character to this room.

I love the graphic punch it adds to the large wall behind the Beautiful Beast.
I did keep two of my very favorite prints to flank the sides.

Today, while I was out picking, I came across two 1970's metal leaf art.

I kinda liked the shiny gold initially, but the prints were needing some more company in the pink department.
So I broke out the spray paint, and painted them a vintage-y shade of pink!

Loving the change.

I've also switched a few other little things around the living room.
Also from another vendor at Aunt Bee's House- 
this little glass box.

I saw it and thought it would be so interesting to put my vintage Madonna inside.

A couple weeks ago, I was able to find a gorgeous black rosary.
My plan was to put it in my Etsy shop, but I have fallen in love with it too much to part with it yet.

There's also a neat story behind the little pocket New Testament on the right.
I will share more on that soon.

The vintage white and pink grapes was something I got at Junk Salvation from my friend Diane.
There are even sparkles on the grapes too!

Most everything else has stayed the same.
I did finally get all the winter / Christmas out of here.
Just in time for Easter.

The cloche was still sporting mica snow and pinecones until this weekend.
Now the collection of shells is back, and I kept out the Easter egg for a few more days.

The apothecary jar also had mica snow and pinecones up until a few days ago.
I added in some lemons and a tassel to the lid.

My goal for this room is to have an eclectic, vintage, boho chic vibe going on.
As I find more pieces to fit that bill, I'm sure it will evolve even more.

That's it for now.
Thanks so much for your well wishes on my back.  
I'm feeling a lot better today.  Hoping I won't have to do any more follow ups at the chiropractor, but I may need to go back in tomorrow.
It's been good to slow down and rest- just need to do it more often I think!
{that's so hard to do!!!}


  1. I thought the same thing when I first glanced at it! I love it, and it looks wonderful above the sofa. Your touches of spring are so delightful. You have a such a great talent for arranging displays.

  2. Glad your back is better! It is looking like Spring at your place and everything is displayed beautifully-xo Diana

  3. Hi Denise!!!!

    Did you have a great weekend?

    I love what you did with the gold leaves!! Painting them pink is a great idea!! It just adds that extra color that the wall needed and it's not over powerful.

    Looks great!!!!


  4. Your living room looks so pretty, Denise! I love the look! Great window and it does look like a union jack. Glad to hear your back is feeling better.

  5. I love the union jack window! That is exactly what it looks like :)
    Your home is so beautiful!

  6. Everything looks so gorgeous and nice an light for spring. Just a beautiful room.


  7. Great new additions to your cozy little space. I adore that window frame - maybe someday you can paint in the flag colours, but for now it's perfect!

  8. Denise .. I love it all.. YOU have a knack for fabulous sister.. Just beautiful. I think you made it all work together just perfect. I love the pink painted décor you hung above the picture too. Couch looks just beautiful wanted to say beauty(muss) and as always you don't disappoint sister... HUGS and have a blessed week love, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  9. Your livingroom is so pretty. I really like the union jack looking window. Glad you are feeling am I. It is so frustrating when you can't get everything done you want too. I used to have those gold leaves a million years ago :)--nice idea to paint them.

  10. You had me at salvage! It's close enough for me, I would have grabbed that up too :)

    xo, Tanya

  11. Looks great! Love the couch! Everything has been put together so nicely!


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