prepping for The Farmhouse Show and some heartfelt wishes

Monday I got a big, fun package in the mail.
Isn't that always nice?
It's not really for me though.

I purchased some cushions to go with a couple outdoor sets that I will be selling at The Farmhouse Show in a couple weeks!
I debated whether or not I should just make some, but sewing projects like this always get left to the back burner, and then it stresses me out.
So I opted to purchase.

This cute little wicker set is something I picked up a couple months ago.  
I did a little survey on my FB page on what people's favorite colors were for outdoor living.
(ha, now you know!)

Red and blue were two of the most popular choices, so I opted for one of each.
I thought the wicker set would be fun with red.

I did however, make the accent pillows!
This is a Cabbages and Roses fabric.
(which I previewed on Instagram!)

All with complimentary reds and pinks.

This little bistro set got some cute aqua cushions.
I loved the white, chippy, shabby look to this set.
I'm selling the tray and decanter at Farmhouse as well.

All of the cushions are made with Sunbrella fabrics, so they are great quality for outdoor furniture.

Today, and over the next couple weeks I will be getting things wrapped up for the show.
Set up is approaching quickly!


On an entirely different note, two things really hit me on Monday.
One was a video that a friend posted on Facebook.
I shared the link here.

It is very powerful, and I really encourage you to watch.  
I hardly ever post links to videos, but the message in this one is very impactful.  
I always hope to encourage you, to lift you up, and this message does that.  
Share it with your daughters and friends.
Lastly, but not least, the Boston Marathon.
I have never run a marathon, and I don't really have the desire to, but I have several friends who have.
I also have friends who have run the Boston.

The amount of dedication and time to compete in any marathon, but then qualify to run in Boston is incredible.
I was sick and weary to hear of this devastating moment.  
People who were at one moment running, or cheering on someone who was competing, and now is an amputee, or fighting for their life.

My hope is that this life changing event- this awful and scary moment, 
will be turned into stories of champions.

Maybe it will inspire me to train for a marathon and run for the people of Boston.


  1. first of all, love love love the happy wicker set!
    secondly, i shared that video, too- i teared up watching it. how sad that we don't see ourselves as beautifully made as others see us.
    and lastly, yes, my heart is heavy for boston, too- i grew up in mass, had a few friends running in it who are all ok. i just can't imagine.

  2. Hi~ Well said!!!! It was so devastating, but I am inspired by the ordinary people and the emergency workers etc. that were so selfless and no doubt saved so many lives!

    on another note...LOVE the pillows. Did you purchase the fabric directly from C & R???

    Have a great night
    ~ Cheryl

  3. I think your outdoor seating looks fantastic--I am one of those that actually doesn't like red but those pillows make it look perfect!

    It is so sad about Boston--well said.

  4. Hi Denise, Loved your post!
    Could you tell me more about the Farmhouse Show?

  5. I love that bistro set and the cushions are great. I am really feeling for Boston right now in a big way.


  6. Hi Faye! I'll respond here as well for the benefit of others reading :) The Farmhouse Show is May 1-4, and it is held in Turner, Oregon. It is just south of Salem.
    May 1 is a paid admission preview night. It's a great show held twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall.
    It is put on by Aunt Bee's House and several of the vendors there participate as well as several outside vendors. Usually there are around 60 participating! It's a great show and the spring version is geared towards outdoor decor, but there's lots of other great stuff as well!

  7. Your furniture is beautiful!

    I share your sadness over Boston.

    And I'm off to watch that video now.

  8. Those pieces are going to fly into the back of someone's vehicle. I love them both.

    I am sickened by what is happening in our country...the Boston tragedy just brings it close to home once again. So sad- xo Diana


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