my midnight in Paris

Have you ever seen the movie, Midnight in Paris, starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and  Marion Cotillard?

It's one of my favorite movies.  
I can relate so much to Owen's character wanting to relive the days of his ideal era.

Over the weekend, I went to a couple estate sales.
One was pretty picked over by the time I arrived, but in one of the rooms, I came across 2 leather pocket Bibles.

As I opened one, there were 3 old photographs in the front, all of a lovely young woman.  
The photos were well worn.
Paper thin.

I smirked thinking, "someone wasn't reading their Bible in church, they were 'studying' this young thing!"

But as I flipped through the pages, I realized this was a Bible given to soldiers during World War II.
Photos of a sweetheart.
My heart melted.

The era I wish I had lived in.
Even if it was only for a week.

I am always drawn to books, furniture, and styles from this era. 
I have always wanted to have a makeover and photo session as a 40's girl.

There's something about that time- the gumption of that generation, the way life was, that I admire and wish I could have been a part of.

My music preference is alternative and classic rock on the radio, but a lot of times if I can't find something I want to listen to (or is clean enough to have on with Hannah in the car) I will flip the station to the 40's on 4. (Sirius XM)

Have you ever listened to the music from this era?
So positive, so happy- which is amazing when you think of all that was going on in the world during that time.

I wonder what our world would be like if there was more music being made like that, today?
Artists like Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, the Andrews Sisters, and Ella Fitzgerald.

I would love to have gone to the clubs of that era-  dancing and watching a show where people entertained in swanky, themed halls.
Places that were called The Savoy.  Or the Copacabana.

I feel like an old soul sometimes.
I love the values, the patriotism- the genteelism and care of daily life.

I wish that getting dressed for the day- putting on a dress or skirt, or a suit and tie and maybe a hat, wasn't considered "fancy", but just a part of self respect and what you did.

You would never see someone walking the sidewalk in their pajama pants and slippers unless they had escaped from a hospital.

Life was less hurried, without every minute crammed full.
 More carefree.
People made do with less.
They planted victory gardens.
There was more neighborliness.

I know there have been a lot of great advancements since the 40's- not everything was rosy in that era.  It was a tough time.
But I also wish that I could go back- just for a week, and be a part of it.

There's not a lot of stuff that I keep for myself when I go to these sales. 
 Most of it I sell, and that's fine.

But I think I'm going to hang on to this Bible.
It's a bit of the 40's that speaks to me.


  1. Hello :)
    Met you on IG!
    I am pcovi.

    Meanwhile, yes!!
    I love the Sinatra channel on Sirius radio. I never dreamed I would but it is fun :)

  2. Love love love this film! your finds are just wonderful sweetie, have a happy day!

    Bee happy x

  3. What a lovely, personal find. It's amazing how much "history" can be spoken through a a few photographs. Are you interested in finding out who the pictures are?

  4. I have this on my DVR and haven't watched it yet. Great find and story behind the picture you found with history.


  5. that is so sweet! what a good find.

  6. Soo Sweet! That was my Mothers era! "Peggy Sue Got Married" Is one of my favorite movies too. I would love to go back in time!

  7. I love this post! I so agree!!! Bring back the 40's! People were loyal and engaged with one another. Families were close. They didn't have much, but they didn't need much. I love hearing my grandparents and my parents talk about this time.
    I love watching the Waltons, and any movies from this era. I'll have to check out that movie. I have a 40's playlist on my ipod! Not to mention the most amazing Christmas music from that time!
    What a treasure you found!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. What a find and imagine its journey to your hands.. LOVE it and the pics .. Great as always sister... Hugs and have a blessed new week


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