How to install a doorbell- and add character to your entry

First of all, thanks so much for the birthday wishes!
We had a great weekend- a softball game, parties, hair appointments, and lots of prep for The Farmhouse Show!
I start set up tomorrow!


One small project we did yesterday was to remove our old doorbell, and install this fun new one:

One of my very first posts on this blog was about wanting to add some character and unique touches to our exterior.  
This little cutie was one I've been wanting a long time!

The doorbell that was installed by the builder was about as cheap as you can get.  
Glow in the dark plastic.  
Functional, but incredibly boring.

It doesn't do much for me and the entry.

First off, we unscrewed the doorbell and untwisted the wires from the housing.
Your doorbell might be slightly different, but they're all pretty simple in design, so it's not hard to figure out.

I asked Jon if we should turn the power off during installation and he declined, saying it was low voltage.  
You do what you feel is safest - I'm a safety girl, and would have opted to shut it off, but Jon is a wild and crazy guy, and really likes to live dangerously. 
It's how our marriage works.

Anyway, once that is removed, we took the new doorbell, and put the wires through
Two screw down clamps.

When the buzzer is pressed, it clamps down on the copper wire and rings the bell.
Again, super simple, and Jon was such an incredible installer, he didn't even need a screw driver.

We did use our drill just a bit to widen the hole in the siding where the wires came out.
This new one was slightly wider than the original, and needed more room to go into the siding.

Just a couple tries, and it was snug as a bug.

We drilled some pilot holes through the new installation holes in the doorbell, screwed in the matching brass screws, and in a total of 5 minutes, have a fun new doorbell for our guests.

This style was something I've had my eye on for a long time- when I first started looking, they were around $40, which is why I dragged my feet for so long.

House of Antique Hardware sold this beauty for under $9.
And they are right here in Oregon!

They have lots of other great styles as well, but you could also try these sites for some other options.

Rejuvenation Hardware
Historic Houseparts

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  1. So cute! Love it. Sometimes it's the little things right? Charming :)

  2. Oh I love it and I definitely want one, how fun is that. Great tutorial too. I would love it if you would link this up to my Inspire Me party this evening. Hugs, Marty

    Thanks for the info on where to buy one too.

  3. Oh now that is a great idea! I love the switch you picked out. It's adorable.

  4. That is a super cute doorbell! I want one! Can I copy? And can it be installed where there is no doorbell existing? Or is it just the outside part? I would probably need a doorbell kit first huh?

  5. Happy belated birthday!!! Amazing how a doorbell makes a difference. That one is awesome! Getting ready for any shows? Got my first this weekend. AAHHHH! Hope all is well!

  6. I thought I would answer Jill here so if anyone else has the same question, you can see the response!

    This is just the buzzer- we already had the wiring and existing set up for the door bell. If you are wanting to start from scratch, there's a bit more involved since you would need the electrical installed and the addition of the chime box.

    I have seen some "wireless" systems available on the web, but you would need to do a bit of research on those- I'm not familiar with them. Hope that answers any lingering questions! :)

  7. Love this doorbell and it does add acharacter.


  8. Thanks so much for linking up, I think this is fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  9. Cute as a button! And for 8 bucks-- how could you pass that up!?

  10. Denise - Love that new doorbell. It's so much cuter than the old plastic one that you see most everywhere.



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