forty one

Every year on my birthday, my mom starts the day by singing 'Happy Birthday' to me.
When I was living at home, she would wake me up singing to me; now, she calls me on the phone.
Every year.

Yesterday I turned 41.


I always imagine that if I made the news, my name would read,
Denise Biggins, 41.

Comma, forty one.
Automatically you'd think, "middle aged".

I can hear my grandma's voice louder and louder each year...
"...but I don't feel that old!"


If you just read my name in the paper- comma, 41- you wouldn't know that I still shop in the Juniors section at most stores.

You also wouldn't know that I love electronic dance music (club music).

I can still shake my booty pretty well in Zumba.

Or that I have a secret wish for a pair of white roller skates.


Or that I still hold vivid memories of being bullied by a group of girls on a middle school church ski trip.
(I don't willingly hold those memories, but they are there!)

1987.  Notice the can of Jolt Cola. wow.

That I have crazy dream of being able to do the splits one day.

But even though I still feel young, I know age is just a number.
You're only as old as you think you are.

I love women who look beautiful in silvery white hair and a big smile.
Youth isn't all it's cracked up to be.
I would never want to go back to being in my teens or twenties.

A birthday stripper in my least favorite outfit- a white tuxedo.  Don't worry,  he only took off the jacket, cumberbund, and tie.

However....I'm still shocked when I look in the mirror and see crinkly lines around my eyes.

But I also love the clarity I am getting, the older I get.

Who I am.
What I want to do with my life.
Accepting things about myself and trying to improve with age.
Always being willing and ready to learn something new.

And never talk too much about my aches and pains!

I celebrated yesterday quietly.
It wasn't a big deal.

I took my sweet puppy for a walk, soaking up the sun.

I went to a few of my favorite thrift shops and picked up some goodies
(very excited about a projector I got for doing graphics on furniture!!)

Painted some furniture.

And ate an awesome burger and some cherry pie made by my mama- my favorite.
Life is good.

What really made the day great for me though, were all of the birthday wishes and love from the people who have known me for many years.

To know that you have people who love you, appreciate the qualities in you that you sometimes forget about, was the best gift of all.

The card from my mother in law :)

Bring it on forty one.


  1. Happy Birthday, Denise! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Talk about "eek" - I'll be hitting the big 5 0 in October and I'm grasping onto my last year in my 40's! : ) You are only as old as you let yourself feel. We just got back from California, where I rode a mechanical bull for the first time in my life!

  2. happy birthday, denise! you are gorgeous!!!

  3. 41, never looked so good. Happy Birthday - my friend.

  4. I agree with Cassie and Val - you are truly gorgeous! And with your attitude toward aging, you will only be more beautiful with every birthday.


  5. Happy Birthday! You are gorgeous! xo ~Liz

  6. Happy, happy birthday. I wouldn't go back to twenty, but from the view at 62 (Yikes!, 41 looks really good. Just bought myself a pair of pink skinny jeans today. :)

  7. Very well said, my friend! You are beautiful, inside and out. It was a privilege to celebrate many of those birthdays with you. I am in awe of the things you have created and the beauty they bring to others. Rock on, my friend!


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