dress form makeover and my first jewelry

Good morning!
Last week I felt like a total slug.  
I really think it was from all the depressing news going on around our nation.  

I'm hopeful this will be a great week, and we can all begin to heal and move forward.

I said in my last post that maybe I would run a marathon for Boston....
Well- I still don't know if I will do a complete marathon in my lifetime, but some friends and I are talking about training for a 5K!
Baby steps!  ;)
I'll try and give a few updates along the way, as I progress.

Day 1 is today!
My plan is to follow the Couch to 5K program.
I'm not exactly starting from the couch since I do cardio on a regular basis, but I'm getting back in to running, and it's a great way to start.
Anybody care to join me?

I completed a little makeover this weekend.
Meet Nell:

I'm naming her after my grandma who was an amazing seamstress, and who always wanted a dress form for her work.
I don't think she ever got one.
She always worked right on the people she was making clothing for!

I've been on the hunt for awhile now for a dress form.
I've never been able to find a vintage one in all of my sale hopping, so a couple months ago I broke down and bought a new one at Home Goods.

from my Instagram photos
The fabric was just way too busy and not the vintage vibe I wanted.
I also needed something neutral.

First, I stripped the fabric off.  

There were lots of little bits of thin foam that I had to pick / peel off, but I eventually got it stripped down to the form.

Then I went through my stash of vintage patterns, and with a foam brush, began to paint Mod Podge in sections.  (I used the matte Mod Podge)
I randomly laid sections of the pattern and smoothed it over.  I wasn't worried about a completely smooth finish, because I liked some of the texture that a few wrinkles would add.

I added a bit more on top of the pattern pieces around the edges to keep them glued down.
There was a tiny bit of excess paper around the bottom edge, so I just trimmed as close as I could around the base.

I let it dry, and then added a few embellishments:

Some gold trim highlights on the wood base:

A black and white ribbon choker for the neck
(very French looking!)

....and some vintage lace around the base to hid any ragged paper edges.
I didn't want to add too many embellishments, because I also want to use her for modeling clothing.

For now, she is going to model some jewelry I made for the Farmhouse Show!

I've been wanting to try my hand at making some for a couple years, and finally bought some supplies to do it.

It was pretty fun- a bit frustrating at some points, but I like the mix of vintage and found items with these.

I used some vintage dictionary pages as the background.

They are on a wood base.
I've been picking up some really interesting bits of jewelry over the last few months, so I added in some vintage along with some newer jewels.

Kinda fun and funky.

We'll see how they do!
I may add some in to my Etsy shop as well, after the show.

I'm off to paint- I've got a gorgeous dining set that I'm excited to transform!
Preview pics on my Instagram!

Have a beautiful day.

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  1. Denise,
    Thanks for sharing this "neat" looking gal...luv how you made her over. Think I just might need to share her over on my facebook page:)


    P.S. Luv all the necklaces too!!

  2. Great job on the dress form, Denise! I just bought one myself at Christmas Tree Shop. They had a few different patterns, but I went with the Paris themed one. She is sitting in my booth wearing an apron and holding a few of my shoulder bag totes. I love your jewelry pieces. Good for you for giving it a go! They turned out great.

  3. She turned out great, I looked at one at Home Goods too but was able to find a green plastic one. I laced her up and named her after my nana!

  4. Great job on the dress form re-do! Good luck with your running, inspire me with your fitness b/c I need it, but for now I will cheer you on from my couch!

  5. the dress form is so cool, but i especially love the jewelry! it's awesome , denise! and you can do a 5k! i know you can- it's not that hard, really. i know because if i can, you can! i am not a "runner".

  6. did you hear my breaks screech when I read... dress form. I love it, great job and she will be so useful, not just another pretty face!


  7. For being a "slug" last week this sounds like a pretty ambitious post! Love your dress form-great job on it...and the jewlery is just great, too. xo Diana

  8. I love what you did with the dress form--and that you named her after your Grandma. Perfect! :)

  9. Oh I love the dress form and the jewelry! Well done :)

  10. Nell is looking so much better after her makeover. I named my first mannequin after my grandmother also. Your jewelry creations are going to be a huge hit. Great job!!

  11. Your dress form looks wonderful I have one it's great I would love to find another one. The jewelry was great to.

  12. Seeing your sweet face on my blog and wishing me a happy birthday was the icing on my cake. And the fact that you remembered double awesome. Your birthday was/is close to mine? Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for the blogging friendship all these years. =)

  13. I just made a dress form over in burlap. Yours is sooo cute. What a good idea! Love the jewelry too!

  14. Ah. Now I see you got a show this weekend too. Ha. Love these jewelry pieces. Those will sell fast!


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