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Wow, I really hadn't planned on taking a blog hiatus, but I sure did!

This last week was Spring Break for us, and even though I didn't think we had a lot planned, it ended up being a busy week!
We had lots of fun, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know some of the fun stuff we had going on last week.
The zoo, a trip to the mountains, and a couple family get togethers.

I had hoped to show you this furniture makeover last week, but I guess it's great to start the week off with a new piece to show you.

Sometimes I swap out pieces of furniture I've used for new to me / old pieces.

This dresser has quite the history for us.

It was the first piece of "good" furniture we ever bought as newlyweds.
 A dresser we chose- one that wasn't a hand me down.

Solid pine, it was from a lumber store where you could buy unfinished furniture at discounted pricing.

We had some pretty nice hand me downs as newlyweds, but there is something to be said for picking out and purchasing your first piece of furniture.

In the 90's, it started out wood stained.

Isn't this a hideous photo?!
I think it was one of my very first posts, and the only shot I have of the dresser in it's stained look. yikes.

A few years ago when we started moving towards a beachy bedroom, I white washed it.

Then Hannah got it for her bedroom when we purchased the vintage cabinet for ours.

And now, it's out of her room.  
None of us have a need for it, so I decided to give the ol' girl one last makeover and sell her.

I heavily distressed the top, and stained it in Antique Walnut.
It went on pretty light, but I still love the look, even if it's not a true walnut shade.

The drawer fronts got a coat of Annie Sloan's Provence.
I also added on a wood appliqué just for a nice little bit of interest.

When Hannah was using it, we used shiny silver knobs- I replaced them with ceramic, cottage looking ones.
The whole thing was distressed more with the sander.

I think it's a fun and fresh look, and I will be taking it down to Aunt Bee's House soon.

Our school district has made today a furlough day, so we have one final day of Spring Break.
I'm sure all the faculty are relieved they don't have to put up with any pranks!

Even though we are enjoying one last day, I am not in great shape.
Literally and figuratively.

Yesterday, I threw my back out an hour before our Easter guests arrived for dinner.
You'd think it would've been from some heinous, strenuous act, but no.
I barely bent over to open a drawer to get out a table cloth, and out it went.

Totally ridiculous.
And frustrating.

So I am trying to wait patiently for my afternoon chiropractor appointment, hoping it will be better in a couple visits.

I also hopped on the scale this morning and realized with horror that I am at my all time high weight.

With all that info, I am publicly proclaiming that I am done with eating crap, and I am committing to more exercise.
Starting today.

Maybe I'll post more on that, but for now, it's a new day and a new outlook on getting healthy!

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  1. Hello Denise,
    The makeover on the chest looks great (as they always do). So sorry to hear about your back...I seem to do this I know the pain that you are going thru.Hope you start feeling better soon.


  2. Beautiful makeover of this dresser, Denise! Sorry to hear your back went out. Mine bothers more and more as I get older. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm picking up my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter when she asks, too.

    I had to laugh at your scale revelation, but only because I am at my all time highest weight, too {not counting pregnancies}. I have been trying to eat better and just started walking again. I've managed to do 2.25 miles the past couple of times and hope to work my way up. I'm also cutting my eating off at 7:30 p.m. That is the worst time for me ~ after dinner and before bed. I'm always looking for something to nosh on when watching television.

  3. The dresser looks lovely! I love solid pine pieces and I know what you mean about the sentimentality of the first piece you bought together. Ours was our dining room farmhouse table and Windsor chairs with wedding money. Hope your back is well soon. I know what you mean about the journey to better health, I'm on one myself.

  4. Glad your back. My kiddos have spring break this week so we have lots of things planned.

    Your dresser makeover is very pretty. Love the color you picked for it.

  5. I love how this turned out. Girl, I need some of this painting talent =)

  6. I love your new dresser! You did a lovely job with it--I am sure it will sell quickly. Just in case misery loves company early last week while lifting my son I pinched a nerve in my hip. Everyday the pain lessens but it has not been fun! I hope you are feeling better soon :)

  7. It gets better every time. I love the fresh new beachy look and I'm sure it won't last long in your space. Hope your back is on the mend!

  8. do you know? this is my favorite make-over yet. and if i lived near-by, i would snap this one up and MAKE a space for it in my house. love it, denise.

  9. Love the combination of color you picked for the dresser. It turned out really cute, and I bet it sells very quickly. Sorry to hear about your back. Hope it is better very soon. Good luck on the weight issue...Not a fun thing to deal with. Hope you have a great week. :)

  10. Just found your page... loving it! Newest follower! V

  11. Very pretty, i did one similar to this for a client last year.

  12. I adore the colors you have together here...the sea-scapy green and aqua. I'm in the midst of repainting/unpainting a series of dressers and tables for my house; I loved the inspiration I found here on your site. Lovely. Thank you. Lynaea @


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