new ikea shelves

It's been a very busy week here.  

We are now overlapping basketball and softball practices with Hannah twice a week; big changes at Aunt Bee's House for me; a much needed visit with a friend; and still putting the finishing touches on Hannah's bedroom!

Sunday, we decided to skip church and have a family day.  
I hate missing church, but it was a wonderful day together. 
We took a trip up to Ikea and had lunch, and one of the purchases we made is now in our family room:

These Ikea shelves are simple.  
I like the warm, grayed wood (it is solid pine- not particle board)
and the simple wrought iron brackets.
A nice mix of contemporary, that still ties in with a vintage / cottage look. 

 It was about a year ago this time that I added in some vintage shelves to our family room.  
I painted them aqua, for some color- but it just always looked off and not very sophisticated to me.  
It was nice at the time, a lot of people liked them, but it just was never a home run for the room.

I sold a large piece that held a lot of smalls a few weekends ago, so I nabbed the shelves for my room at Aunt Bee's House.

Meanwhile, we were living with a pile of books on the floor.

The idea of wall shelves was something I had originally wanted.
  For some reason I was lured away from that idea with a "good deal" on the book case.
I should have stuck to my guns and waited to do it this way!

You can see how it looks with the rest of the room here.  
It's pretty open below, and we haven't decided yet if we want to add another shelf or if we can find something narrow enough to bring the computer in here.  

I was glad to have the vintage grate back up- it's one of my favorite pieces.
I also have a couple pictures- one of my mom (lower shelf) and my parents at a formal event in the 60's. (top shelf) 

I'm feeling more confident with my styling.  
It used to intimidate me a lot- after having a few shows and working my booth for over a year now, it's definitely getting easier!

I have also started swapping out our pillows.
The aqua medallion is from Pottery Barn, and the pink stripe is another Ikea purchase from the weekend.
Not only are the pillow covers getting swapped out, but the inserts too.
The stiff poly fill ones are going buh-bye.
Hello down / feather filled!
Much easier to fluff and have looking fresh!
I will continue to add in an eclectic mix of pillows....
As mentioned in the beginning of the post, lots going on around here, and lots of changes.
One of those changes is....drum roll...

If you subscribe to my Facebook page, then you saw this news earlier in the week!

I am tad bit sad to say goodbye to my fun room, but I will be moving in to a newly remodeled area of the store.
We are expanding!
A shop next door to Aunt Bee's House moved out, and Belinda took over the area for our shop.

I will be much closer to the front of the store.
 I'm excited about that.
So just know that if you come in looking for me, I will be in the room just to the right off of the main room when you come in the store.
It looks like my move date will be this Sunday!

I hope to have Hannah's teen room reveal tomorrow, but it will depend if I can get all the loose end details wrapped up...
Until then~

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  1. Nice details. Xoxo.

  2. wow. you are a busy lady. how much for that coffee sack pillow? and is it down-stuffed? ;0

  3. I love your shelves. You have been one busy gal. Congrats on outgrowing your space-sad but good news at the same time-xo Diana


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