modern and colorful teen bedroom

Hannah's bedroom is done!  
There's still a few photo frames to fill, but otherwise, the makeover is complete.  She will continue to add in her own touches here and there over time, but it was such a fun process working with her on her ideas and how she wanted her space to look.

It was very important to me that she had a lot of input on her room.
There is nothing that drives me more crazy than seeing a "kids" room and wondering,
"what kid could possibly live in that space?!"
Between expensive 'don't-touch-that decor', a lack of kid friendliness, or just an obvious, 'I decorated this for my kid, and they can take it or leave it' feel.
Nuts, I tell ya.

There was some parental guidance here for sure, but she really steered the room's direction.

If you have peeked at my Pinterest board, Teen Bedroom Spaces, you will see a lot of what inspired us here.

Hannah wanted, clean, colorful, graphic, and modern.
We started by priming the walls of her former playroom.
You can see the before photos here.

Once the walls were primed, I painted the ceiling black.  Once it was done, I was so enamored with it, I started wondering what other ceilings could I paint this color?? 

Next, the walls were all painted white, followed by adding in the black stripes.

The three of us all love how it turned out.  
So graphic, bold, and fun.

We added in a floating shelf for all of her sports photos and trophies.
A small gallery wall for art and friend photos.

She didn't want a ton of stuff up, so we kept it very simple.
As you can see, we still have some photos that need to be added in, but we will just do that as it becomes available!

Last summer, I found this bat at a garage sale.  Hannah has been playing softball since 2nd grade, and I was so excited to see the imprint on the bat:

Can you believe it? 
I' had never heard of this brand, but it was too cute to pass up.
I knew exactly what it could be used for, and she agreed.  I think it's a fun nod to her activities, as well as being a functional piece for her bedroom.  I thought she might want to hang some of her medals on it, but it's for necklaces now.

My dad ripped the bat in half with his table saw, and we drilled holes in it for the pegs.

 I posted us building this little aqua side table from Ikea on my Instagram.
It's a fun little character piece that adds a nice punch of color.

She also made a bee line for the hanging lamp while we were shopping.
It is too cute!! She's always had an overhead lamp- it frees up the table top space on her night stand.
It looks pretty cool at night all lit up.

Her bedding....
This is what started the whole design.  
Once this was picked out, she knew what colors she wanted, and we started building off of it.

We also moved her up to a full size bed from a twin.  
We're kinda jealous of her new, super cushiony mattress!!
Our 15 year old one needs to go!

One of the decisions I helped her with was the wall color.
She wanted an aqua- similar to the one in her former room.

I was ok with that, but the more she described the room she wanted, I began asking  more questions and showing her photos online of what that combo would look like together.
Ultimately, she decided more color in the accessories, and a more neutral wall to build off of.

This little corner by her closet holds her "bacon shrine"- her friends and family all know the obsession with bacon over here.  We also put up a magnet board to hold mementos and other photos.
It's looking a little too white to me, but we'll see what happens down the road! 

I was a little worried about the cost to cover this window as part of the makeover budget.
Previously, the window only had decorative curtains- nothing that would close fully, or offer privacy.
This is what we had, and that's fully closed!

We opted for some simple, modern, grommet top curtains.  
I had to buy three pairs, sew them together, and line them, but it was still less expensive than a custom window shade.


I blurred out the view for security reasons.
I promise our windows aren't that dirty.

She is really loving her new space, and especially her comfy new bed.

It was a little investment, but it's a space she can use and enjoy from now until she leaves for college.

You can click 
for projects that we did for this room and to see what we did along the way.

Here's the source list for her bedroom:

Decorator White, Behr- for walls
Black Suede, Behr- for stripes and ceiling

Duvet cover, Pottery Barn- Lola Paisley
Jersey sheets, Target
Textured white throw, Ikea
Aqua throw pillow, Ikea
Black and white skull pillow, made by me- one still available in my Etsy shop
bedskirt, made by me
upholstered headboard, DIY project made by us

wood and glass front dresser, Ikea- Hopen
aqua side table, Ikea
mattress, Costco

Pink mirror, vintage
curtains, Target
curtain rod, Ikea
faux sheepskin rug, Ikea
frames and wall art, Target and Ikea
bat peg rack; vintage, repurposed by me
pink bean bags, Fred Meyer
floating wall shelf, Ikea- Lack
white metal magnet board, Ikea

small crystal chandelier, Ikea
large pink / white drum shade, Ikea

If you have any other questions, let me know! I will try and answer them in the comments section so that everyone can see.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. it looks amazing!!! i love the colors and love the black! that light is awesome, too- i can see why she wanted it! props to you and hannah on an amazing room makeover!

  2. Denise,
    You two did a wonderful job on her makeover. Love the walls, baseball bat,that darling little aqua table and her chandy.


  3. Denise-That is a wonderful looking room. You pulled everything together beautifully. It is a young sophisticated look and I love it....and it is still "fun". GREAT job-and I love the bat-it was meant to be- xo Diana

  4. I love how it all turned out. My daughter decorates in "One Direction" too. Such a great bedroom!

  5. Fantastic make over, Denise & Hannah!! Do I see a business partner in your future?? Really great choices of colors. I love how each item is individual but blends together like they were meant to be together!

  6. Wow! Hannah is such a blessed girl! Her new room looks like it belongs in a magazine! You two collaborated well! I am sure she just loves it and what a fun project for you all to work on together! I love that even Grandpa had a hand in it! The baseball bat necklace display is too cool! Have a fabulous weekend, friend!

  7. The room looks great. I love the black ceiling with all of the pops of color in the room. Her bacon shrine is pretty fun. :) I wonder if you could find some scrapbook paper she likes and slip it into the back of the bacon shrine shelves for a little pop of color. It looks great now, but I agree it is a bit whiter than the rest of the room.

  8. How fun!!! I love the bedding and dark ceiling.

  9. Happy colorful room! Great Re-do!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  10. Just found your blog and love the teen room and thank you for listing all your beautiful finds!

  11. Love it Denise~ what a beautiful fun makeover!! Sharing at the party this week~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  12. Beautiful room! I stumbled on your blog, searching for "Black Suede Ceiling" as I am wanting to paint the ceiling in my basement this colour. I see your ceiling here is textured (and looks amazing). What type of paint did you use? I was told to use a "flat paint" because my ceiling are flat drywall.. not beautifully textured like yours. Wonder if a flat paint would give me the same depth as how yours looks. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Amanda! I'm hoping you see this note, I tried replying on your blog, but it wasn't available. I used Home Depot's Behr paint. I used the flat finish, and would definitely do it again. The flat paint helps to ground the heavy color. I think anything with a sheen might make it look less rich. Just my opinion! ;) I've seen this same technique used in restaurants when they want to hide industrial construction and pipes, and it definitely makes it more subtle, so I think using it on flat drywall would be a great option for you! Thanks for your note!


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