time to smell the flowers

For most people, the New Year is in full swing and lots of organizing and re-freshing has already been done.  
For me, the New Year has just started in my home.

I put so much energy into planning for Junk Salvation (starting in November when I found out I'd be doing it) that I put lots of things on the back burner until it was over.  

On Monday, I took a major breather.  
I dusted.
Cleaned off the dining room table of all the projects.
And decorated.

I am a big believer in slowing down, and enjoying little moments in life.
Taking time to stop and smell the flowers.
Turning off music, the TV, noise, just to have quiet.

  I decided to buy some flowers, just to have something fresh and pretty.
The transferware pitcher was my treat to myself after the show weekend.  

I got it from another vendor at Aunt Bee's, and I'd been admiring it for a couple weeks. 
(this is sounding familiar....vintage shelf?)

I love that someone else loved it so much, they took the time to piece back the broken bits and it created a lovely patina.

You can't be unhappy with pink flowers!

I'm enjoying fluffing my living room, and have been adding some new bits here and there.
Not much to show yet, but I did replace my natural boxwood wreath with a preserved one.

I couldn't resist the delicious scent of these- I think they are statice?
Fluffy, pink, and intoxicating perfume.
Flowers by the sink make doing dishes a little nicer.

Don't you think?

I hope you take some time this week to enjoy the beauty around you, and enjoy some peaceful moments.


  1. I love to treat myself to flowers! You are right, who can't help but be happy with pink roses :) I am glad you can relax a bit and get back to normal now that the show is over.

  2. I love that you take time to smell the pretty flowers.. (your place is just beautiful) Very tranquil .. I can see why you could be so at peace there .. Along with all your special touches... I think that you have a good eye sister.. LOVE it all... Have a beautiful day . I TOO love the peace and quiet.. I visit the beach alot just to listen to the waves and the birds sing .. HUGS

  3. Hi Denise!!

    Beautiful post. How I love pink flowers and that beautiful pitcher to hold them is gorgeous. I love those kind of items that show it had a life sometime ago.

    I'm going out tomorrow to stop and smell the roses and buy them.


  4. I ALWAYS keep flowers by the sink. Big bright ones. Dishes never end!

  5. The pink flower is called "stock"....and one of my favorites. The smell is heavenly!!

  6. OOOOH! How I love the pitcher! I'm a nut for old ironstone pitchers, cracks, chips and all! Love, love it all!

  7. Those are fantastic photos! Looks like something out of Southern Living Magazine. I love pink roses

  8. Denise,
    Stop by on Monday...you will be featured at my NTT party.


  9. You have a lovely blog...new follower :) Laurel


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