spring front door basket & some planning

This basket was something I got a couple months ago, thinking it would be a great item to take with me to Junk Salvation.  
Shortly after I brought it home, I fell in love with it, and decided I needed to keep it.
There's lots of items I find that I love, but I rarely keep.  

After downsizing a few years ago, I have found that there's not much reason to be a collector. 
 If I love it, and it has a useful purpose to our family, I might hold on to it.  
There are, of course, a few exceptions- but for the most part, I let go of a lot of it, or swap out a like for like item.

Anyway!  With all of the busyness that has been going on over the last month and a half, it wasn't until a week ago that I finally took down our Christmas door basket.  
(eek!  I'm one of those people!!)

I am totally smitten with this black and white stripe ribbon.
It also comes in several other colors, but this is my favorite.

I wanted some fluffy flowers, and some height, so I purchased some bright, cheery pink hydrangeas for the fluff, and added in some dogwood and twigs to the mix.

They are all faux, and as much as I try and use 'real' when it comes to florals, there just isn't a lot available in February!  
When I do use faux, I try and use the best quality / most real looking ones I can find. 
The kind that people have to touch to see if they are real or not.

A nice welcome for (hopefully) some bright and cheerier weather!


On another note, we are getting ready to start on Hannah's new teen bedroom.
It is bittersweet.
I'm excited to do this with her, and yet it makes me sad that yet another moment of childhood is slipping away.

When we moved here almost 5 years ago, we thought one of the 3 bedrooms would be a perfect room for her.
It's the biggest (besides the Master), has the largest closet, and a nice big window.
She didn't want it.

It was too far away from mom and dad!

It became her playroom.
Here are some 'before' photos:

I haven't tidied it for the photo shoot- it's typically in the state you see here.

(plus, don't messy rooms make the best "before" photos anyway?
 It makes the makeover look more like a WOW!  ha ha!!)

So, when we moved in she chose the bedroom that was right next door, even though it is small and has some quirks to work around.

We will be upsizing her bed from a twin to a full; we have already purchased the duvet cover and a bed frame, and talked about some other elements she wants in her new space.

We're trying to keep it on a certain budget, but the biggest expense will be her new bed and mattress, and the window coverings.  
(extra large window= extra large $$$)

I am hoping to make them, but we will see if I have the patience to do them!

You can see some of the inspiration I have been pinning for her room on my Pinterest board by clicking here.

Have a great day~ half way through the week already!!

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  1. Oh, that duvet cover has some great colors to work with. I look forward to seeing the room evolve! And yes, much of my collecting has gone by the wayside as I crave simplicity. My tastes have changed, too.

  2. Hi Denise~ Love the basket. I literally have the exact same one which I painted for some reason a few years back...really wish I hadn't! Yours looks great!!
    Hope you are having a great week
    ~ Cheryl

  3. Great basket, Denise! Who could blame you for keeping it. Love the florals you used, too. Looking forward to seeing your daughter's bedroom makeover. Bedrooms always make for the best makeovers, especially kids' rooms {I think so anyway!}. : )

  4. VEry Lovely Denise! I think the hydrangea looks very real! And I love the basket :)

  5. Your door looks marvelous with that basket of flowers. Spring!! Love the pink hydrangeas. Already looking forward to this bedroom makeover. By the looks of the duvet, it's going to be fab-u-lous!

  6. I can't wait to see the room redone. Love the bedding- xo Diana

  7. Love the basket on your door and can't wait to see how your daughters room turns out!

  8. Love your door decoration! There are hydrangeas, there's pink - basically it's perfect! =)


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