simple, quick upholstered DIY headboard

Whew! I meant to have this post up yesterday, but it was a weird / fast / hard to deal with day.

Most notably, I was in a big funk because for the last 3 years, every Monday and Wednesday, I go to Zumba at our gym.
I love the workout, and I especially love my instructor.  She is about 5 feet tall, and a little energizer bunny.
It's another creative outlet for me (dancing), and when I'm having a bad day, it clears my head and gets me in a better place.  Mostly it is just pure fun. I hardly ever miss my class.

Yesterday my instructor announced she would be leaving for a full time job outside the gym.

'Devastated' sounds dramatic, but if you have ever had a hard time finding exercise that you not only like but love, then you know what I am talking about.
I seriously cried last night.
Staying healthy is important to me, and I am trying to figure out what's next.

Anyway, on to the weekend project...

We got a few more things done on the bedroom, but not as much as I would have liked.  The main project that was completed was the upholstered headboard.

Hannah wanted something super simple- no tufting, no trims, no fancy cut out.
Works for me!

We went to Home Depot, and purchased a $15 board, and had them cut it to size there.
Since she has a full size bed, we used a 53" wide, 38" tall board.

I picked up some 2" thick batting at the fabric store.  It's pretty dense, so it was nice not to have to do foam AND batting.

I cut the batting just slightly larger (maybe an inch, max?) than the edge of the board, and then used spray adhesive to allow some stickiness to hold it in place while I stapled.

It had to be cut in two halves since the batting was only 27" wide.
While the adhesive was drying, I ironed out my fabric.
 I used white denim.
Inexpensive, sturdy, and it was 54" wide- just like upholstery fabric.  
It was also 30% off- nice!

Laying the fabric over the batting, I started on one side, and began stapling liberally.

It's ok that some of the staples didn't sink completely- I just took a small hammer when I was done and hammered them in more after I was done.

Carefully pulling the other side taut, and making sure the batting was staying snugly together in the middle, I stapled the other side.  

Finally, the top and bottom of the headboard was stapled in the same manner, keeping everything pulled tight, and smooth.

We used a picture hanging cleat to attach the headboard to the wall.

This can hold up to 200 pounds, so it works great for this application.
The board itself was only about 50 pounds.

We screwed in one side of the hanger to the back of the headboard:

...and then just a few screws in the wall, and it was ready to go.

Jon can't ever be serious when there's a camera around.
I hope you appreciate the "serious effort" look he is modeling.

The wall cleat kit (or picture hanging kit as it says on the package)
comes with a little level too, so it helps with hanging.
We still had to break out a bigger one, but it was super important to get this right since we have the stripes going on!

This was a pretty fast project to complete, and very easy for beginners.
I think it took us all of 2 hours max to complete (besides shopping for supplies).

The other project we finished in here was getting her little chandelier transferred over from the other bedroom.

I still have to paint the ceiling where the old light fixture was, but I think it will look great with the ceiling medallion now. 
(something I wish I would have done in the other bedroom.) 

Today I will be working on getting her curtains sewn together- we have six individual panels for her window.  They also need to be lined, so I will be sewing a lot!

It's getting close!  
Just a few more accessories for the walls!


  1. It looks incredible - love how dramatic the stripes turned out and that you painted the ceiling to match!!!
    Great job

  2. What a quick and easy project...well you make it look that way. It looks wonderful and I love those horizontal stripes.

  3. Great project--the bedroom is looking better and better! My daughter has that Ikea chandelier in her bedroom too. :)

  4. Denise,
    Her room is coming together so well,,,love those stripes.


  5. Love it all. Love the stripes LOTS !!! YOU sure did an amazing job .. Sorry to hear of your trainer.. They say one door closes and another opens... Prayers for you a new person you will love just the same..........Hugs ..Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl


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