makeover day 4 & 5- painting tips

I love, love, love to paint.
Often times when I have friends who are getting ready to paint, I say,
'Call me!  I love to do it!'
So far only I've ever had one person take me up on that- I think most people think I'm crazy or just kidding.

This room took a little more work than usual- the apple green color required 3 coats of paint. 
That's one coat of primer, and two coats of paint + primer in one.
But I got it all done yesterday afternoon, and even managed to tape out and get the stripes on the wall!
The ceiling is done, and now the walls as well.

We used Decorator White for the main wall color.
The same color we used on our kitchen cabinets.

Once the paint was dry, I did a little math to figure out an even number of stripes and widths for the wall.

From the ceiling edge, to the top of the floor trim was 91".  I made it an even number and went with 90" for the sake of ease.
Painting 18" stripes meant that I had an equal number of stripes (5) with widths that were also even.

I also found it easier to measure using my seamstress tape so that it could lay completely flat on the wall while I measured.  The metal measuring tape wasn't cutting it with the lip on the edge!

Using a pencil to regularly mark out 18" down the wall, (lots of little marks makes it easier to lay down your tape), I began taping the wall with the Frog Tape.
I painted out the boxes first using my brush, and then used my roller to fill in.  That way, the paint wasn't laying too thick on the tape when it came time to remove it.

I always keep a damp rag close by in case there are any drips or flubs along the way.

Another little painting trick I regularly use is this:

When you have a room to paint, and you know you will be using a roller over consecutive days, you can wrap the wet roller in plastic wrap instead of rinsing it out at the end of each day.

My least favorite job when painting is the clean up- especially rollers.

Make sure you wrap the ends of the rollers with the wrap too- if they dry out and get "crunchy" you will have a line in your paint that won't lay down properly.
Kind of like taking an eraser and running it through your paint with each stroke.
Not cool.

I still have a little bit of touch up to do, but it looks so great.  
All 3 of us are loving the bold look.

This weekend we plan to move her little chandelier from her old bedroom in to her new one.

The curtains got hung up late last night so Hannah could sleep in her room.

The two of us also put together her cute new IKEA side table while Jon was out for the evening.

Things should move a little more quickly now with her space- the dresser will get put together, lighting put in place, artwork hung up, headboard made, closet stuff transferred over....
Lots to do still, but it's coming together!


  1. Helloooooooo That is aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-mazing.. OMGOODNESS I love love love it ... Just gorgeous

  2. Amazing! I love it and I love painting, too. Now I need to paint something- xo Diana

  3. What a fun new space for your daughter! I am just loving the new Ikea side table :)


  4. You are doing a great job with the painting! The room is looking great--your daughter will be so pleased I'm sure!

  5. I think the colors are great!!! The blue/aqua night table and the same color in her bedspread is gorgeous!!!

    I hate to do this, but, you're going to have to tell your daughter I want the room. Sorry LOL

    I'm excited for her!!



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