when furniture turns out to be a lemon....

I try to be really careful about the pieces I pick up.  
I don't want stuff that will make me procrastinate necessary fixes and sit on inventory for months.

I found this beautiful, traditional, hutch around Christmas time,
and gave it a good once over before taking the sales tag to the counter for purchase.

It was a little rough, but sometimes I just chalk it up to 'patina'

I think I'm going to start calling my wrinkles 'patina'.
That sounds nicer. 

Nothing on this piece that a little sandpaper and paint couldn't fix.  
The glass in the door was a bit loose, but I've fixed that before.

Since I brought it home around the holidays, I decided to wait a bit before tackling it.
I had planned to bring this hutch with me to Junk Salvation, so I needed to get moving on it.  
I put Monday as the final push day to finish it up.

I worked all weekend on it; finishing the paint, waxing it, distressing it...
Decided to put the top of the hutch on to keep me going to the finish line late Monday night...

The hutch door was tweaked.  
Not just a little, but a lot.  
I really liked the glass, the curvy insets... but this was too much.
(plus, after painting the curvy insets, it accentuated the fact that one was cracked.)

I scrapped the plans I had, and decided to go in a different direction.

The glass came out, the door came off, I added in fabric panels, and I declared it done.

It's got several custom features to it besides the fabric panels- I mixed a combination of Annie Sloan Country Grey and Old White.
The color is a warm, creamy, putty.

The interior of the hutch is painted in French Linen.
It's looking a little blue /gray in the photos, but it's a nice warm gray in person.

(I still have to paint the spots where the door hinges were...eek!)

The drawers are lined with Chic Shelf Paper, in a beige damask print.  
It was my first time using it.
I think it gives a nice finish to the interior of the drawers.

I also like the size of this piece.
It's not too big, and with the changes that were made to it, I could see this used as a bookcase in a living room, a hutch in a small space dining room or nook, or in an entry way.

Even though it turned out to be more work than I anticipated, I think it turned out better than I hoped.

Sometimes you think you're buying lemonade, only to see it's closer to lemon juice.
And then you just have to add some sugar to sweeten it up.


  1. Though you had some difficulties, it turned out great, Denise!The fabric panels add a real charm to it.:-)

  2. Well worth the effort...it's a beauty.

  3. I think it looks really sweet, despite the challenges it gave you.

  4. The beauty lies in the finish well done Denise. I think its beautiful I love your creativity Have a blessed week!


  5. You did such an amazing job .. I just love it so much ... Thanks for sharing your beautiful hutch.. Love it all as always : )

  6. Sometimes we just have to roll with it. I bought a similar one for $25...sitting in my garage. The door is messed up, too, and I didn't realize how bad...it's actually warped. It will probably be coming off also, and then I will jump on your lemon band wagon. Flaws aside, you paint job looks great :D

  7. Great save! I think it just looks more unique now!

  8. You did a great job of sweetening that baby up. It looks great now- xo Diana

  9. Turned out so great... Love it

  10. This piece turned out great, love it. Sorry you had problems.


  11. Well you certainly added just the right amount of sugar! This piece looks awesome!


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