vintage shelf and weekend projects

I hope you had a great 3 day weekend! 

We enjoyed some down time as a family.  I say "down time" when really all that means is that we stayed home for the most part.  
My nephew's basketball game, some grocery shopping, a hair appointment; 
but for the most part, home and me doing lots of projects.

We put up this gorgeous vintage shelf on Saturday.

I purchased it from another vendor at Aunt Bee's House.
I had been looking at it for awhile, always admiring it. 
She gave me a great deal on it, and I am so grateful!!
It was hard for her to part with, but I am loving how it looks here above our bar cabinet.
Thank you, D!!

I haven't had time or inspiration to fully stage it yet, but I like the silver sugar bowls that I popped in here for now.

Loving the carved top and chippy paint.

I think it's an inset, but we obviously aren't doing that here.  

It's a unique addition to our home.  
I really liked the art that we used to have here, but it was time for a change.

My biggest project over the weekend was this:

My eyes are starting to twitch just looking at it again.
I've been painting it -between other projects- for the last couple weeks, but yesterday my goal was to get it done.  I worked on it pretty much throughout the day from 10ish a.m. to about 9:30 last night.
The paint is done.

I decided in a moment of frustration to take out the glass and decorative wood insets.  The glass was flimsy in the door, and I was worried that it would fall out and slice off someone's foot.
I have some other plans for the panels, but in the meantime I discovered that the door is warped.
I don't know whether to scream, cry, or just sigh and shake my head.
My dad gave me a tip to try and fix it, so I will attempt that in a bit.  
Nothing is ever easy....

I also continued to price and pack all the smalls.  
We did a mock staging of my space for Junk Salvation in our driveway.
It. Was. Freezing!!

Sometimes I wonder if people realize the lengths we go to for a show...

I've also been selling a lot of furniture at Aunt Bee's recently, so I stole a piece of furniture from home so my room wasn't looking so bare.

Our aqua bookcase is for sale.
My plan now is to do some wall shelves instead of a bookcase that sits on the floor.
(actually that was always my plan, but my logic went out the window when I saw a "good deal" on the bookcase.  I should have just stuck with the plan!)

Some ideas I am toying around with via my Pinterest boards:

Bulb to Blossom

Three Scoops of Love
(please remember to Pin via these lovely ladies blogs...I have added the direct URL for you to go and Pin from!) 

I'm getting anxious to do some decorating and organizing around our own home.

This door basket was something I picked up a few weeks ago for Junk Salvation, but the more I looked at it, I just couldn't let it go.  
I'm anxious to put it up- our bicycle basket Christmas wreath is still up!

There's so many great vintage pieces I pass up.
But every once in awhile I say, "nope, this one's staying with me."

Wish me luck on getting that hutch door fixed.
I'm saying that as I shake my head.



  1. Denise! The wall shelf is So Very Lovely!!! Looks like you have been super busy preparing for your big show and I do hope I get to come see all of your hard work come together! I know your booth will be fabulous! Enjoy the journey!
    Catch up with you soon!

  2. that shelf could not look more perfect there! love it!

  3. Great shelf piece, Denise, and I love your hutch! I have an armoire that I've decided to repaint. While I think it will look better in the new color I've decided on, I'm not looking forward to painting it again.

  4. I sure hope you can get it fixed, dad's always have the best advise. I love your shelf...doesn't even need to be inset. I sure do realize all the work involved in preparing for a show; it will all come together soon.

  5. OMG you had so many interesting things....But, I still haven't' closed my mouth..YOur new white shelves are beyond gorgeous, I would so love that in my entrance way...I have never seen anything like it!!


  6. Your new little shelf unit is so cool...I love that. It will hold a lot of treasures. The mini-hutch is really nice too...can't wait to see what you do with it. I'm thinking of you often as I know you are getting ready for your show. Hope all is going well. We will catch up over coffee soon.

  7. I absolutely LOVE your shelf - great find!!

  8. Your shelf frame is fabulous. Glad you finally got it and found the perfect spot for it.
    The French Hen's Nest

  9. Charming shelf looks great in your home. Sorry about that door (sounds like my kind of luck). Thank you for sharing at my party.


  10. The vintage shelving unit looks really lovely and the self storage cupboard below is a lovely unit to complement the whole look! I really like how you've put the 2 pieces together!


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