vintage mid century buffet

You're going to be seeing several furniture makeovers here for the first bit of the New Year!
I have a garage full of projects and tubs- getting ready to go with me to Junk Salvation in
less than a month!
Nothing like hitting the New Year running!

This beautiful, well built buffet was a real find.

I had my eye on another mid century buffet while I was out one day....I was considering #1, and then walked around the corner and spotted this one!

Mid century pieces normally aren't my thing.  
They don't make my heart go pitter patter.  
I know all the hipsters these days are into mid century, 
(I sound so old saying that....maybe I should have said "whipper snappers" instead of hipsters...) anyway....I'm more of a curvy, cottage, romantic furniture kinda girl.

This piece is so well constructed, great size and storage, and I really fell in love with the hardware!
Chevron handles, and diamond shape pulls...

Very classic!

I snapped it up.
(maybe I'm the Whipper Snapper?)

The diamond insets on the wood was something I decided to keep peeking through a bit.

I painted the body in ASCP French Linen.
This has some metal accents, which I really liked.
Kind of like ankle straps on a sexy pair of heels.

I also highlighted a few of the details.
The wood was pretty scratched in several spots, and if you've ever worked with inlays like this, you know that simply refinishing it is very difficult.

I should mention that this piece is really heavy, so bringing it inside to stage before I delivered it to the shop wasn't going to happen.
I had a big hole in my space because I sold the Elise vanity over the weekend.
So, this one won't be going to Junk Salvation.
I had always planned on keeping this one local.  

If you're interested in it, it's now at Aunt Bee's House in my room!
(quick iPhone pic!)


  1. I think that piece is AMAZING! You did good picking that one out. Pretty paint work too.

  2. that is so cool!!!! i love what you did with the doors!

  3. Beautiful makeover! love your blog sweetie :)

    Bee happy x

  4. Oh how pretty! And the door treatment is awesome! I love midcentury pieces. They make the best media cabinets.

  5. Very cool and so different. I like this.

  6. You did a great job on that piece - it looks awesome!

  7. Mid Century LOVE!!!! It turned out fabulous Denise :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  8. Looks very cool! Great idea with the checkerboard motif.


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