valentine felt banner

Last night I had some fun trying out a simple project.  I was needing some more fun Valentine pieces for my booth at Aunt Bee's, so I put together this fun and simple banner!

All it took was a small piece of felt, baker's twine, and some glitzy pom poms from the craft store.
Minimal sewing.

The three dimensional hearts start out as a folded in half piece of felt fabric.  I sewed a straight line about a half inch from the folded edge of fabric.  Then, I flipped the fabric out to the cut edge, and sewed another straight line.

I cut one inch sections to make individual hearts with my pinking shears.  

Everything was strung together with red and white baker's twine!  So cute and fun!  I could see all kinds of projects with these fun little hearts!

They'd be cute stacked in a frame too, no?

Hope this gives you some inspiration for some fun projects for Valentine's Day!


  1. I just love the banner...The hearts are too cute! Looks great :)

  2. Love these!! I've seen so many cute felt Heart Garlands on pinterest lately!!

  3. love the hearts...maybe a bit easier than the pom poms? ;)

  4. Very cute and "heartfelt" lol I couldn't help myself!

  5. Too cute! I love it - will have to show it to my 7 year old - she is always wanting to create with felt.

  6. So simple, and yet effective! :-)


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